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Friday, October 14, 2011

A walk with Scrappy

The scars healing over...

Scrappy after a chipmunk that just went by

Nice catch!

Puffballs littered the woods this year- more than I've seen before.

Looking across the creek to a tiny streamfall.

I actually made it across this dry... check out this scene from the other side.

The tiny streamfall from above.

So we followed the stream.  The first time it had water in it that we've traced it.

Scrappy wanted me to follow him under this.  I don't think so.  But then we found that the stream and accompanying trail led to...

...the back yard of the retirement village.

Looking down on the stream valley.

On the way back, we heard something in the patch of woods south of the new soccer field.  Scrappy investigated every hole...

...and there were a few.  But when we came out, we found out we were wrong...
Actually we had heard our 2 deer, and they ran across the soccer field and into the woods when we came out.  I swear when the bigger one has his "flag" flying, his tail is the size of a bushel basket.

While I'm posting pics, here's one from the "normal walk with Scrappy" project that I've never gotten around to.

 One more note: the post on Cassie last night was the 500th on this blog.  One more piece of special irony..


  1. Your walk wore me out.. I love the beauty of nature, and I can tell Scrappy does too! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great photos, feel like we were there with you. THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING. So nice to see someone has trees. Not many of them in the Panhandel of Texas.


    rainbow (Momma Lyn)

  3. Ok I have shared your walk so does that mean I do not have to go for one myself.......Scrappy is a good looking dog......

  4. It's so beautiful!! I love the colors and the leaves - makes me miss home!! Your puppy is adorable!

  5. What a wonderful ramble today. You and Scrappy have the best adventures.

    Is it getting colder? Do you get snow?

  6. NK, they are starting to wear me out too! Scrappy still thinks it's fun to harrass me when I stop to rest, but I notice it takes the rest of the day's steam outta him, too.
    Rainbow, I realize I am blessed every day for where I live, not just the general area but the specific location. All of God's critters make an appearance every so often. I think just to laugh at Scrappy.
    Joanne and Kim, Scrappy thanks you. We think he's adorable too.
    Mynx, yes we do- on the adventures and the snow. Right now, it's not that cold yet, but it is cool, especially in the mornings. Lotsa dew.

  7. Oh, and Jo-Anne- Dr. Scrappy says no excuses! Get out there and exercise!

  8. You are definitely in the midst of autumn there. We are barely beginning here in SC which is why I moved here. But it is pretty! Great pictures! Thanks.

  9. CWM:
    Love the "Scrappy-logues"...they never get old (unlike the rest of!

    The woods take on a wonderful series of sights & sounds in autumn...

    You can visit and revisit the SAME place several times a year and NEVER see the same things twice...always liked that.
    Definitely found that interesting.

    Good post.

    Travel safe up there you two.