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Friday, November 25, 2011

And so, Thanksgiving

Here are pics from probably the most stuffed Thnksgiving ever!

L-R Laurie's sister Mary (our hostess), her S-I-L Linda, and Laurie

Linda's daughter DJ

Mary's youngest, Emily

Oldest daughter Rachel and her man, Alex

L-R Laurie's nephew Blaine, his daddy (Mary's oldest) Andy, and you've met Rachel and Alex

Laurie's brother Paul

Mary's hubby Jack, with Linda

Mary, Andy, Blaine

Andy's wife, Kristen

The white fluffball in the center is Baxter.

L-R Laurie's brother Art, Mary's other son Josh, (hiding Laurie) Mary's granddaughter Sierra

Art, Paul, Josh, Sierra

L-R Josh, Sierra and Laurie, Sierra's mom (and Mary's middle daughter) Katie, and Linda

Katie's oldest, Jackson

The new face here is Art's lady friend.  Curse me if I remember her name.

This is TJ, Jackson and Sierra's daddy

My buddy Baxter

He actually moved my head off my arm so he could lay there!


  1. Thanks for sharing, it looks like fun. But where was Scrappy?

  2. Scrappy and Baxter have a history of having "marking contests" when they get together. Hence, Scrappy spent the evening singing "War is hell on the home front, too".

  3. Wow, looks like you had a lot of family for Thanksgiving. Great to see a family get together. Nice pics.

  4. A house full of family makes the perfect Thanksgiving.

  5. CWM:
    That's some really good pictures of a lot of what the real maning of the day is...FAMILY!
    (and no, please donl't quiz me on "who's who" at your place...I lost track)...!

    Hope the holiday was kind to you all and you enjoyed the time together.

    Stay safe up there.