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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

nhffl- purple gets clearer, gold gets muddier

The second week of second time through the division, and this week three teams managed a series sweep.  The Beagles just needed one Phillip Rivers TD to tie the unbeaten Rangers, two to win.  Rivers got Scrappy a two point conversion, and the Rangers stay unbeaten with their second straight one-point win, 28-27.  The Aguas did not keep pace against the Greenwoods; in fact, they very nearly saw their previous win reversed, losing 51-34.  Joke of this is, the 'woods got 51 points on a week when ALL FOUR WRs were on the bye, as well as deadweight RB Ryan Grant! Ray Rice (18), Matt Stafford (12), and Billy Cundiff (also 12)  made up for them.  Calvin Johnson got his third 9-pointer in 4 weeks for the Aguas, after starting the year with 4 straight 2-TD games.  The KCAs also reversed things against the Angels, winning must-win game #1 40-37.  The White Elephants had to hang on through a furious 18-point rally in the last two games after parleying 2 Steven Jackson TDs and a 15-point day for the Bengal D into a 40-19 lead.

The Gold Division games did nothing to sort the playoff picture, as they left all 6 teams within 2 games of the lead with 4 to go.  Both the Clock BBQs and the Elks completed sweeps of their opponants, though.  The Elks followed up an earlier 71-52 win over the Porkchops with a 44-27 win this time around. Three recent pickups- Scott Chandler, Victor Cruz, and (subbing for teammate Jahvid Best) Maurice Morris, all scored their first points as Elks, Chandler actually scoring twice.  The CBBQs eked out a 23-19 win over last week's division leader B2s, led by the first score they got out of Mario Manningham in 7 weeks.  And finally, Buzz got revenge on the State Ducks- last time, they scored 40 and lost, this tim they score 42 and win, 42-27.  The Cam Newton/Adrian Peterson combo have scored 15, 9, 15, 33, 12, 15, and this week 21 points since Newton replaced Sam Bradford as the Buzz starter.

Next week, the KCAs must-win tour continues against the Beagles; the Angels can get a BIG leg up on the third and final playoff spot in the Purple Division by completing a sweep of the Greenwoods;ter is a bit dimmer than last time, Rangers/Aguas II are up this week; the Clock BBQs must-win tour continues against the Porkchops; the B2s try to come closer to a division title against the Ducks; and the Elks do likewise against Buzz.

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