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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NHFFL-Rangers go down

Before we start, a salute to the late Joe Frazier, a champ when boxing was worth watching.  Bob G. did a great salute to Smokin' Joe on his Tuesday post, and that's good enough for me.  God rest ye, proud warrior.

The Rangers just miss history this week, when both the Baltimore D (2 pts) and Matt Forte let them down and the Aquas claim their rematch 32-29.  A win would have made the Rangers our first ever 9-0 team.  The Aguas got Sunday night TDs from Rashard Mendenhall and Mike Wallace as they come back after blowing  a 20-0 early games lead.  The Greenwoods take the lead in the Purple div.s' last playoff spot chase with a 43-38 win over the Angels with the Elves outscoring them in the two night games 18-11.  Aaron Rodgers had 12 points; unfortunately for the Angels, two of those 4 TD passes went to the Greenwoods' Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings.  And the defending champs are now all but out of it; the KCAs fell to the Beagles 54-30, basically because of the 30 points from three Phillip Rivers-to-Vincent Jackson TDs.

The Gold div.  got a lot clearer this week with both top contenders winning to put 2 games between themselves and the rest of the field.  The Elks walloped Buzz 58-27 led by Willis McGahee's 15 and the two TD passes Rivers threw to the Green Bay D.  The B2s got balanced scoring to hold off the Ducks 34-27, tying the Elks at 6-3.  The Porkchops moved ahead of the pack at 4-5 with a 33-23 win over the Clock BBQs, the second straight week the CBBQs netted just 23 points (but got lucky to win last week).  The 'Chops pulled ahead on Rothlesburger's lone TD, and stretched it out on 8 from the Philly D.

Next week is the last cross-division games, with the Rangers looking to bounce back against the Clock BBQs; The Aguas testing the B2s; The Elks looking to join most everyone else in outscoring the Beagles; KCAs draw the Ducks; Porkchops and Angels hoping to win with others nipping at their heels; and the Greenwoods hoping to hold onto their spot by beating Buzz.

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