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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NHFFL week 10

The playoff picture with 2 games to go in our fantasy league is now pretty clear.  The Rangers win again, routing the Clock BBQs 41-25 behind the 9 point days by Tom Brady, Eric Decker(thanks to the BAL* of Tim Tebow), and Mason Crosby.  This cliches the Purple Division for the Rangers, who hold the tie breaker over the Aguas.  The Aguas failed to keep within striking distance, falling 49-25 to the red hot B2s.  All those free gifts from Matt Stafford gave the Bears D 20 points, and Arian Foster chipped in 15 for the B2s, who've won 4 of 5.  Meantime, the Greenwoods put their destiny in their own hands with a 49-31 romp over Buzz, and a win in either of their last two games gives them the final playoff spot in the Purple.  As usual, it was the Green Bay rescue squad as Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings put 18 points up Monday night.

The Elks kept pace in the Gold division with a 29-22 win over the Beagles.  The Elks and B2s have their rematch the last week of the season, and if they are still tied, the Elks will need a 4-point win to take the division and the first-round bye.  The Porkchops top the Angels 29-27 to go 2 up with 2 to go for the last spot in the Gold.  This time, Aaron Rodgers' 12 points come up one TD shy for the Angels.  Which was good news for the KCAs, who kept their flickering hopes alive with a 31-26 win over the Ducks.  And when I say flickering, they have to have the Angels lose at least one, and must win out, including needing a 33 point win over the Greenwoods in the season's last week, as well as needing the 'woods to lose next week.  The 'Chops win puts them in a position to clinch a spot to clinch with a win over either the B2s next week or (more likely) Buzz in week 12.

Next week, it's Rangers/Greenwoods; Aguas/KCAs; Beagles/Angels; CBBQs/ Buzz; Ducks/Elks; and B2s/Porkchops.

*BAL= blind-ass luck.

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