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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Paterno scandal

First off, I'm going to diverge from topic to the earlier Herman Cain manufactured scandal.  I'm not going to go into his defense (which was eloquent and far more believable) nor his accuser's lovely record of what appears to be goldigging via sex.  All I have to say is, once you hire that harpy Gloria Allred, the credibility meter is already pegged at bullshit.

Now, on to the Penn State business.  I'm not and have never been a JoPa supporter.  However...

Everyone admits that Joe did his "legal duty", but are questioning if he should have done more.  Well, let's see, he reported a second-hand story to his superior about a man who WAS ALREADY RETIRED.  JoPa isn't the one who gave this guy "emeritus" status and free reign at the campus.  And yet, even as we speak (this was written Tuesday night,) the board of cowards trustees are voting on firing him for what he allegedly didn't do, while the two higher ups charged with aiding and abetting are being allowed to "request a leave of absence" while the head of the university SUPPORTS THEM.  Being a lapsed Catholic, I'm allowed to say this- what, is there a Bishop running the school?

So my questions here are:  Why is the university supporting two officials on which there is evidence that they swept allegations under the rug?  Was there no oversight of Sandusky's foundation?  Where were his foundation's board at as the accusations came in?  What deal did the 2 administrators work with the former (and quite possibly late) prosecutor to turn an admission of guilt to "all a big mistake"?

And how can we look at all this and not see the Paterno witch hunt to be anything but 1) making JoPa a scapegoat to take heat off the university, and 2) an opportunity the JoPa haters on the board of trustees can't afford to pass up?

IMHO, Joe Paterno may be a doddering old fudd that needs to retire before he gets hit and killed on the sideline, but he doesn't deserve this attack.  If Penn State votes him out tonight, it's only because they want to hide the stain that is upon them.  It is a damn shame that they are choosing to reward 30+ years of integrity and service by acting out of sheer craven ass-covering.  If they fire him tonight, I lay this baleful curse on them- may they hire Rich Rodriguez, and may he do for their program what he did to Michigan.

1 comment:

  1. CWM:
    Glad to see you got yourself a nice shiny-new BSM...LOL!
    (we need them these days)

    Paterno followed UNIVERSITY protocol, from what I've to why he didn't follow up with reports to the police?
    Can't really say.

    Although I do think he should RETIRE...FIRING him outright is poor taste and DOES smack a bit of "scapegoatitis" on behalf of the univeristy board.
    Should have let him finish th4e season.
    Besides, Joe is the most senior who better to kick to the curb on this?

    Just my 2 cents. (from a guy from PA that used to love Penn State)

    Good call.

    Stay safe up there.