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Friday, December 2, 2011

Just to let you know...

Unless I change my mind by tomorrow morning, the Great Seventies Countdown will begin with a leadoff 25- song list from 325 to 301.  That's right, we're going three-twenty-five, and it could have been a LOT bigger- you never know how MUCH bigger until you look at the songs that couldn't make the cut.  Even at that, my printoff of my wordpress list ran 15 pages!

Also, prepare yourselves for the NEW living room!  Actually, the room isn't completely new, but the arraingement is.  The before was (l-r) computer stand for new computer, table with non functioning attached lamp, big blue sofa dirty from happy paws and listing at one end from fat bottoms, and Scrappy's cage with Laurie's custom built covering table.  Now the table sans non functioning lamp are off-frame to the left, with my lovely Old Crown case full of beer caps and the collections three bottes taking their new place in place of said lamp.  New computer stand remains the same, but it's new neighbor to the right is the cage/table, with our printer  and a functioning lamp taking their place amongst the stuff on its top. 

What is new is not the beagle, but the couch/recliner, made of beautiful I-can't-believe-it's-not-leather, guaranteed to clean easier than fabric and allegedly proof against even Scrappy's claws (which I really should trim this weekend).  And next to it...

Our lovely model Laurie shows off her new computer table for the old computer.  Other than the part played by the delivery guys and a bit of assistance with the table's slide, Miss Laurie did this all herself whilst I loaded a truck that will be bringing those Arden patio cushions you demand to a K-Mart store near you.
Blurry-eyed again from a last couple of hours tweaking the list, I say goodnight for now.  Tune in tomorrow, for TGSC week one!


  1. That is a whole lot of songs to look forward to.
    It is always refreshing to change a room around and new furniture is always exciting

  2. Hey how bout you and Laurie come re arrange my living room? It has been the same for over 10 years. It looks good and the dog is the star of the show.

  3. I remember years ago me and hubby would like to change our lounge room around once a year now days not so easy to do although we both would like to find a way of changing it around.............

  4. CWM:
    We'd move our furniture around...IF we had room to do so, and we could figuire out another "pattern" that would work properly. It's pretty much a SQUARE.
    Not many options available.

    Be happy knowing YOUR living room appears more spacious that OURS down here.
    Our Cape Cod doesn't allow for efficient moving of anything, really (that's what the OTHER rooms are for...LOL)

    Back in Philly, Mom moved our furniture (and I helped, of course) TWICE a changing the clocks...LOL.
    (and that was a ROW house)

    Then again, we had less furniture in those days, too.
    Perhaps "Going Japanese" would work for us NOW?

    I'm getting too old to assume the Lotus position...on a log term basis.

    Nice arrangement for you guys.

    Stay safe up there.

  5. Thanks, guys. It's not like we can switrch a lot up- the room pretty well has preconceived notions of where stuff should go, and frankly if it was a ship we'd have a very pronounced list to one side. And no, we don't contract out for re-arrangements. Those dogs cost about $95 a shot!