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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nativity Scenes

Since this seems to be the hot topic of the season, as usual, and with a monstrous week of shipping, OT, and probably not a lot of hanging out here (at least coherently), I thought I'd briefly hit on the subject.

Just got done with a "discussion" on the subject on another blog.  Actually, the whole thing started with the host posting a link to a response to Rick Perry's blundering campaign ad about "we can have gays in the military but can't have God in school, etc.  Another fellow chimed in after me, and brought up at the end of his post the nativity topic.  I stated:

" I think that when a town OVERWHELMINGLY wants a nativity scene on the courthouse lawn, they have a right to do so. If a minority doesn't like it, they have the right to do just as you did- drive on by. This is supposed to by a government of the PEOPLE (i.e. the majority of the people) where the rights of minorities are RESPECTED- but not minority rule. I've had atheist pseudo intellectuals tell me that the government is there TO elevate the minority in the face of the majority (not surprising seeing the side of the fence they're on), and I will disagree to my last ounce of freedom with that."

I thought I made my point clear- if a town is united in its desire for a Nativity, they should have that right.  Here's the responses I got.

The Toledo phone book yellow pages lists churches on EIGHT PAGES! Toledo has HUNDREDS of Christian churches! And you still need a religious display on government property to affirm your faith? How profoundly sad!
My faith does not require religious scenes to be constructed on public lands. I feel sorry for you that your faith is so weak. There are not enopugh Christian churches to affirm your belief. That is profoundly sad!
Religious displays belong at religious facilities, not on government land. Period.

So, I am profoundly sad and weak in faith because I think that a town that agrees to put up a scene should not be deterred because of one or two objectors.  There are plenty of things I object to that I have to drive by, and I don't call the Wisconsin chapter of Freedom From Spinach (for example) and get them to sue the crap out of the 95% of the populace that doesn't object.  Because it's NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS and I can always drive on by.  So here are my clear and concise opinions on the topic.

#1. In most towns, There shouldn't be any problem with NOT putting a scene on Gov't property.  After all, The Great Commission doesn't get accomplished by nativity scenes.  Mind you, this does NOT apply to football games and high school graduations.  I don't care how you want to slice it, those are extracurricular activities, and if a graduate wants to speak from the heart, that should be allowed.  Faith in God does NOT abolish free speech.  But as far as displays, etc, I'm easy.

#2.  HOWEVER, if a town has a long standing tradition of Christmas displays on public ground, I do not think that it is fair, reasonable, or constitutional to abridge that right in the name of a handful who think their eyes will dissolve or whatever.  If they want to fight it, have a referendum.  If the objectors total, say 20%- and NONE of them are protestors from out of the community- then, move it.  Otherwise, get a life.

#3.  We must keep in mind that there is a difference between the casual skeptic or agnostic, or even the honest atheist, and the evangelical atheists who run things like Freedom From Religion, who will give you all sorts of excuses like, "All the bad things, wars, persecutions, etc., are because of religion, and I want to eliminate it altogether so that my children can build a utopia a la John Lennon".  Never you mind that there is a big difference between faith and religion (which I've argued with these people a million times and they REFUSE to acknowledge it), nor how the world has changed- and not for the better- since God was "taken out" of our schools.  You cannot argue with this mindset, because they have invested too much of themselves in denying God to cover their own sinful lifestyles.

 Sometimes, you HAVE to stand up and fight;  but I have to agree with my opponant on the other blog- if you've got churches galore within a stone's throw of the court house, this is probably not a fight worth picking.  Too bad he was too busy calling me "profoundly sad" to see that agreement.  But that wass because, despite the other things he said in his posts, the honest truth of his point was, he wants NO God on NO government property whatsoever.

I often think of how these people will fare before God at the Final Judgement.  Sometimes I think it would be entertaining to watch them stand before God and try to convince Him that He doesn't exist.  But then I stop myself and say, remember what happens to the loser in that argument.  And that, my friend, is profoundly sad.


  1. Thanks for following my blog. I'm following back. You are my 200th follower! I think there should be some big prize for that, don't you? But I'm not sure what would be appropriate other than a sincere welcome and thank you.

    Loved the video clip of the great catch! Wow. I'm going to have to start watching college ball. I'm an NFL fan, but I see I've been missing the really cool plays on the college games. Go Titans! Well, maybe next season.

  2. OMG! Those commenters totally missed your point. I find that very sad, really. Thanks for the follow, by the way!

  3. Although as you know, I dont belong to a traditional church, I have no objection to religious displays of any type.
    I believe that people need to be aware and to learn about all beliefs if they want. I also feel that tolerance and acceptance of different beliefs is needed for us to live in peace.
    Every year we hear of another school banning Christmas celebrations because if might offend someone. I think this is what is profoundly sad, that they cant just balance Christmas with education of other religious celebrations.
    I hope I am making sense. We need to stop the hate and the fear.

  4. CWM:
    Now that was well reasoned and VERY well said.
    Kudos to you, sir.

    Good comments, too.

    Stay safe up there.
    (and let Scrappy do a "stand-in" for the shepherd's FLOCK this year)

  5. Very well written post. I agree with you on this 100%. This kinda goes along with my TV post the other day. Instead of getting all in a tizzy over some raunchy primetime show, I just change the channel just like those who don't agree with nativity scenes can turn their heads and keep driving.

  6. Thanks everybody. And Mynx, you make perfect sense. I wish I could keep that in mind when I let the intolerant and closed-minded call me intolerant and closed-minded. I know there's a point to turn the other cheek and a point to stand up and fight. I just wish I was able to better do one with the other in mind.