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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Poem Of Regret

Fight the battle
Fail the test
Turn your cheek,
and lose the rest
Oh, so offended
by the hard Scandilon
so bring down the display
and worship reason
And oft I forget,
in the heat of debate,
that I’ve the more reason
to celebrate

And this battle on earth means nothing
yet still do I look and see something

as You are mocked,
with nothing to say
blind man takes his soul
and throws it away
Frustrated by walls
they’ll ne’er tear down
I snap at their bait
I stand to showdown
And struggle to fight,
as Stephen has won,
with, “Forgive them, they
know not what they’ve done”

And sometimes I feel so lost from the race
faced with the anger, the frustration, the waste

and I call You out
to avenge Your Sweet Name
to open their eyes,
else end all the games
And sometimes I wish
Your Judgment would come
and pray for the day
when pain is done
And see but a world
where nobody cares,
praying, reap in the harvest
and burn up the tares.

But Your Heart calls out, I’ve still more to love
Come, comfort yourself in your share of My love.

Regret greets my pleas
and shame my prayers,
crying, reap in the harvest, oh Lord,
and burn up the tares.


  1. CWM:
    Oh, yeah...THIS one is a KEEPER!


    Stay safe up there.