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Friday, January 20, 2012

But daddy, I don’t HAVE any to freeze off…

For Barb enjoying your 70 f and ocean, Mynx and your pool, and Alisa who would like to see snow for whatever reason, here is Fort Wayne, 5:30 pm, 16.5 degrees...


I thought I just cleared this at noon...

A facefull of snow

A lot of little branches down...

Snow covered, slick, and hazardous!
And Alisa, this is, like the last time, a real powdery, dry snow that doesn't pack, so no snowmen.


  1. Yep, same here....between 1 pm and 4 pm I'm pretty sure we received at least 3 inches of snow. And it's still falling!

    Last I checked, we were around 14 degrees F.

  2. Soooo I guess you dont want to know about my afternoon spent in the hammock out on the patio before going in that pool...

    It looks really pretty and having never lived anywhere where it actually snows I have no real idea what it must be like.
    Although Clearing the car would be a right pain I think

    (at least Scrappy is having fun)

    Oh and I directed my friend to here. She needs to learn about hockey and I thought of you

  3. So it's snowing there is it cold as Scrappy looks to be having fun

  4. CWM:
    LOL...good Scrappy pics - that one shot says "WTH am I DOING out there, dad?"

    (guess I'd look that way if my nekked tookus was in the snow)

    ..And the worst part...NO SNOWBALL MAKING!!!
    (and using ELMER'S GLUE is cheating...FYI)

    Good post.
    Stay safe (and warm) up there, Nanook.

  5. I love the pic of Scrappy with snow on his face :)

    I love snow pics because:

    1. Snow is so pretty and in my part of Texas, snow is a rarity.

    2. I can enjoy the beauty without having to deal with the cold and the other YUCK that comes with snow.

    I love snow because I loooooove snow ice cream.

    So enjoyed your post. Send me some snow and I will send you some Central Texas weather!