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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The great seventies countdown week 6

"Last week, "  the host says, " You got a bonus song- and early new year's gift- or late for Christmas, I suppose.  Therefore, only 19 this week. NO EXCEPTIONS!"

229- Do Do Do Do Do (Heartbreaker), the Rolling Stones, 1973, #15. My favorite guitar break on any Stones' tune.

228- Philadelphia Freedom, Elton John, 1975, #1.  One of three for EJ on my countdown.  A lot of his songs were like a lot of Stevie Wonder's- pleasant enough to listen to, but didn't really stick emotionally.

227- Venus, Shocking Blue, 1970, #1.  Mariska Veres was kinda cute, but "Mama Cassed" as the years rolled on.  The second #1 of the decade.

226- Aqualung, Jethro Tull, 1971, unreleased.  Jethro Tull was one of the most unique bands to hit the decade, and this was the ultimate Tull song.

225- I'll Be Around, Spinners,  1972, #3.  Their first release away from Motown, it was at first the b-side of How Could I Let You Get Away.  Not sure who made THAT call.

224- Sundown, Gordon Lightfoot, 1974, #1.  A flip of the coin away from being the first 45 I ever bought new.  Lost out to Who Do You Think You Are by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods.  Choosing the obscure even then.

223- When Will I See You Again, the Three Degrees,  #2, 1974.  "Sheila Ferguson recalled that "the song was played to me by Kenny Gamble at the piano in 1973 and I threw a tantrum. I screamed and yelled and said I would never sing it. I thought it was ridiculously insulting to be given such a simple song and that it took no talent to sing it. We did do it and several million copies later, I realized that he knew more than me."  I guess A&R men aren't the only ones who mess up.

222- Take Me Home Country Roads, John Denver, #2, 1971.  John is one of those who has grown stronger with me as the years go by.  Wistful recollections and nostalgia go hand in hand.

221- #9 Dream, John Lennon,  #9 (ironically enough), 1974.  Not a big Lennon fan, but I like dreamy songs.

220- Do Ya, Electric Light Orchestra,  1977, #24.  A redo of the Move's only US hot 100, this was top ten at Kings Dept. Store that summer.

219- In The Ghetto, Elvis Presley, 1970, #3.  I call his late 60s-70s comeback the "Fat Elvis" years, and "Fat Elvis" was the best for me.

218- My Angel Baby, Toby Beau, 1978, #13.   A song that got heavy airplay here and short shrift on the charts IMHO. Can you hear this and not start swaying?  I can't.

217- Shadow Dancing, Andy Gibb, 1978, #1.  Out of that string of #1s for the Gibb brothers that year- 3 by the Bee Gees and 3 by Andy- probably the best.  A seven week stay at #1.

216- Doctor My Eyes, Jackson Browne, 1972, #8.  "People go just where they will/I never noticed them until I got this feeling/ that it's later that it seems..."

215- Hotel California, Eagles,  1977, #1.  This might be the ultimate 70s song.  Just as powerful now as it was 35 years ago ( God, was it really that long ago?).

214- Moonlight Feels Right, Starbuck, #3, 1976.  I remember hearing this a lot on my first trip to Florida the next spring.  "We'll play the radio on southern stations/ 'Cause southern bells I hear tonight..."

213- Peace Of Mind, Boston,  #38, 1977.    This obviously charted much higher in Fort Wayne, as it had top ten airplay.  What a great album!

212- Early In The Morning, Vanity Fare, #12, 1970.  Always did love the baroque sound.

211- A Little More Love,  Olivia Newton-John, #3, 1978.  Two of my favorite hooks- the guitar over the end of the verses, and the chorus line "Would a little more love bring a happy ending?"

The lights go back up, and the host says, "See, I told you- 19 songs and that's it!  But now, here's a little bit of Rock'n'roll history to go home with..."


  1. great music and a lot of good memories. :)

  2. CWM:
    Your knowledge AND appreciation of (good) music blows me away.

    I take it that Kenny Gamble was of the "Gamble and Huff" fame from the old Philly days?

    And I was just playing BOSTON the other day, too...they NEVER get old.
    (not bad from an MIT grad that was born in Ohio)

    And to think my CB "handle" was "Shadow Dancer"...LOL
    God, THOSE were the days!

    Excellent list.

    Keep those hits coming!

    Stay safe up there.

  3. Oh man, Elton and Gordon, all the way!!! (I was 6 at the time, but hey, some stuff lasts!)

  4. Oh man, Elton and Gordon, all the way!!! (I was 6 at the time, but hey, some stuff lasts!)