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Saturday, January 14, 2012

the great seventies countdown week 7

"Those of you that travel here by time machine, "  the host announces, "I have talked to Randy Price from Cashbox Time Machine Repair.  He tells me that the problem this week was server related and should be solved in time for next week's trip.  But for today, as we are gathered here, the show must go on."

210- Love Me, Yvonne Elliman, 1976, #14.  My #1 girl.  You should hear Robin Gibb on the Bee Gees version, too.

209-I'd Love You To Want Me, Lobo, 1972, #2.  Anyone out there that doesn't go silent to hear the "ooo-ooo-oooh" in the chorus?

208- Lucky Man, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, 1971 (#48) and 1973(#51).  A classic AOR fairytale song, it was thrown in to fill out the debut lp by Greg Lake, who'd written it a decade before when he was 12.

207- Goodbye Stranger, Supertramp, 1979, #15.  The third single off the huge lp Breakfast In America.  Loved the chorus, put up with the verses.

206- Your Move/I've Seen All Good People, Yes, 1971, #40.  As you can see, progressive rock got less than deserved attention on the pop charts.  That's why I liked it.  "Don't surround yourself with yourself/ Move on back to squares..."

205- It's Too Late, Carole King, 1971, #1.  Half of a 2-sided #1 with I Feel The Earth Move.  My other #1 girl.  From the great all-time album Tapestry.

204- Ripples, Genesis, 1976, non-charting.  From (to me) the best of all Genesis lps, A Trick Of The Tail.  Listen to the lyrics and see if it doesn't capture you.

203- Oh What A Night (December 1963), the Four Seasons, 1975, #1.  C'mon, those of you that followed the sixties countdown KNEW you wouldn't get away without the Four Seasons!  Hard to believe that this song's original composition was about prohibition ("December 5th in 1933").

202- Cowgirl In The Sand, Neil Young, 1970, unreleased.  The great album Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere had the one single (Cinnamon Girl) which was far surpassed by the two long tracks- this one at 10:06 and Down By The River at 9:13.  "Old enough now to change your name/when so many love you, is it the same?/it's the woman in you that makes you want to play this game..."

201- Drift Away, Dobie Gray, 1973, #5.  This song's what it's all about for me in music.  "Beginning to think that I'm wasting time/ I don't understand the things I do/ the world outside seems so unkind/ and I'm counting on you to carry me through..."

200- Love Hurts, Nazareth, 1976, #8.  I knew Roy Orbison hit with this first.  What I didn't know is he got it from an Everly Brothers lp.

199- Dreadlock Holiday, 10cc, 1978, #44.  When they weren't overtly trying to be pop, few bands were as fun as 10cc.

198- Ships, Barry Manilow, 1979, #9.  This has become my favorite "post-big 4" song from Barry, the Sinatra of my generation.

197- Ruby Red Dress (Leave Me Alone), Helen Reddy, 1973, #3.  Another of Helen's crazy women.

196- Love Is Thicker Than Water, Andy Gibb, 1977, #1.  Yes, I have this higher than Shadow Dancing.  It was too much different than everything else to not get my attention.

195- Good Timin', Beach Boys, 1979, #40.  Paraphrase the comment for #203.

194- Kentucky Rain, Elvis Presley, 1970, #16.  Almost the best of "Fat Elvis" (See last week to figure out this isn't an insult to the King).

193- Feelin' Stronger Every Day, Chicago, 1973, #10.  Chicago with horns ALWAYS beats Chicago without horns.  Too bad Peter Cetera couldn't get that through his fat head.

192- Sour Suite, the Guess Who, 1971, #50.  Hey, it was #12 in Canada.  Still wonder what they had against Indianapolis.

191- Tangled Up In Blue, Bob Dylan, 1975, #31.  As Darius Rucker says, "Ain't Bobby so cool...?"

"That is our show for this week, " the Host says as the lights go up.  "Here's a little soft something to listen to on your way home.  Good night, everybody!"


  1. Yvonne Elliman....
    If I Can't Have You
    I Don't Know How To Love Him
    Yeah, she's good.

  2. CWM:
    Dobie Gray...fantastic choice!
    Love that song.
    And SHIPS is a wonderful pices from Manilow.

    The ELP pick - Lucky Man...I always crank that up when it comes on...
    Kentucky Rain...very good Elvis number.
    And the music is actually very simple in it's writing. Easy chord progression.

    Glad to got the 4 Seasons in there, too...

    Keep those hits coming!

    Stay safe up there.

  3. Perhaps I shouldn't admit this, but I actually have "Oh What a Night" on my IPod, and whenever it comes on, it just pumps me up to run a little bit faster on that stupid treadmill.