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Friday, January 13, 2012

Hey. where’s my Time machine??

Good question.  Answer is, the Cashbox US site is down- IE says it “can’t find it”- so for the first time in almost 90 weeks, no time machine.  I’m looking into some options if it doesn’t recover, but let’s just look at it as a Friday the 13th thing.  I thought perhaps it could be a convolutions of Friday the 13ths, but in 1977 it would have been a Thursday.

One of the considerations I’m looking into is the CKLW charts off my former favorite Detroit radio station.  The chart for this week had 4 tunes that we haven’t yet experienced.  One of those I mentioned as a debut a few weeks back, Hall and Oates’ Do What You Want, Be Who You Are.  Billboard had this song peaking at #39 here, but on CKLW it was spending a third week all the way up at 11.  Then comes a song that was in its second week at 16, the Dramatics (best known for Whatcha See Is What Ya Get) with Be My Girl, a song Billboard peaked at 53, but went to #3 R&B. Ironically, the Dramatics would cover Do What You Want in 1979.  Then comes a Canadian band called Conspiracy with a disco number called Night Chaser at 25.  Finally, Fly By Night, an AOR track that was actually the title cut of the 1975 lp by Rush, sat at 29.  Why it waited that long to make their chart, I have no idear.

Their top ten this week 35 years ago had Bob Seger’s Night Moves slipping to #10 after peaking at 9 last week; Hot Line  by the Sylvers climbing into the ten at #9, up 4; Burton Cummings was down 2 with Stand Tall, a song that peaked at #4 two weeks before; ELO was also down 2 with Living Thing, after stopping at #5 for a couple weeks; Dazz had peaked at 4 as well for Brick, and slipped 2 to #6; Stevie Wonder was at #5, up 3, with I Wish; the Jacksons had shot from 10 to 4 with Enjoy Yourself; and the top three held their spots- You Make Me Feel Like Dancing at 3, Tonight’s The Night at 2, and Rose Royce’s Car Wash at #1.

I could get on Cashbox Canada’s site, and sent them a message about the problem.  Have not heard back as yet.  Thus, as the Dramatics said, whatcha see is whatcha get.  Hopefully once they get over their bout of Triskaidekaphobia  we’ll be right back here next week.  In the meantime, enjoy the balmy weather- and no Alisha, it’s too cold to go out and make a snowman!


  1. Bummer! I was looking forward to seeing snowman pics. We rarely get snow here and when we do, it usually lasts only a few hours.

    While yesterday was cold and blustery, today is mild (46) and calm. Been out running errands for the office and did not even put on a sweater. LOVING IT!

    Stay warm!

  2. We are finally getting snow storm :)

  3. CWM:
    S'ok...they'll get it figured out I'm sure.

    We'll catch you on the flip-side then, right?

    Stay safe up there.