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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Killing time..

Man, ya ever have one of those days?  We are now on day # 3 of “you’re not laid off, but we got no work.  Call tomorrow"…” with #4 coming up tomorrow.  So I thought, what can I do to entertain myself other than walk the dog (done twice) ,play games (4 hours worth), check facebook  (about 20 times today) and e-mails (ditto), harass leftists and/or atheists (covered), watch TV ( State of the Union looking better and better), or scratch my butt (no current itches).  So I came here to talk about… what?

First thought was, how about a “who’s dumber”.  And for about an hour, I had a doozy.  FoxNews (who actually was deserving of a Who’s Dumber for not verifying) had a story that Costa Cruises (the guys that brought you the shipwrecked liner in Italy) were offering survivors a 30% discount on future trips.  However, on checking back a bit later, they had had to retract the story.  What Costa had done was call each survivor and give them a full refund, PLUS let their customers know that anyone who has a trip booked out to February 7th of next year can bail out with full refund.  FoxNews should have took a lesson from CBSSports and their proclamation of JoePa assuming room temperature some 8 hours early.

Even if the story had held, the lone contender for a second contestant was a dentist trying to rip medicare by using paper clips instead of metal posts on fillings.  Apparently, his attempts to defraud the government by using other DDS’s names on paperwork once medicare gave him the boot weren’t enough to put him behind bars, but paper clips were.  The good news is, at least now I won’t have to find a dentist to replace a filling that fell out last week…

So I thought, well, let me go over to int’l hockey forums and see if I could find the latest fun at the expense of Holon/Bat Yam, but no news.  Hard as it is to imagine, the threat of terrorist bombings, protests by idiot foreigners, and Iran’s impending nuclear capability all rank ahead of hockey as a concern in Israel.  Will God be mad at me if I make fun of a team of His Chosen with a goalie named Knuckles?  If they can throw down a hockey stick and have it turn into a frozen snake, then I’ll worry.

So the gist of tonight’s post is, I have nothing of worth to say.  However, I have killed the time until a halfway interesting show came on H2, so at least I ended up to the good.  See ya tomorrow…


  1. It has been raining and I am still trying to catch up on missed sleep from having Roo. So, my choice of how to waste, I mean, spend my time is to watch as many of the recorded Burn Notices episodes as possible. Gotta free up some recording space.

    How did you like my justification of wasting my time???

    Praying about your work situation.

  2. Not good about no work for you. Hope you get that call soon.
    You sound like a champion time filler though.
    Wondering if you will check out the Aussie Hockey scene at some time

  3. CWM:
    Never assume that you have little of worth to say (even if you think so)
    Someone is out there...waiting to hear what you think, and many time, we don't even know who they are.

    Good post.

    Stay safe up there