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Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday morning, you sure look fine..

And last night’s title bout- 5 inches of snow vs a severe thunderstorm at 2:20 AM with somewhere between .33 and .89 inches of rain-

-and it’s thunderstorm by decision!

Here, somebody made you a snowman, Alisa!  He seems to have had a rough night…

The view from Scrappy’s Landing.  It was weird to listen to the ice cracking from the melting, the current, and stuff dropping from the trees.

Now there are three ways we use to cross the feeder to get on the greenway trail- the bridges at the Plex; our little crossing at the stream; and the wooden bridge down from the landing.  The little crossing was full enough of water that I had to find a dryer place to jump across, but the wooden bridge (which can float away in times of flood) was pretty secure.

The view from the wooden footbridge.
It would have taken probably 3 times the snow to melt to put that one in trouble.

Meanwhile, they continue to work on the bridge over the St. Joe in order to put in the path beneath it that will link the greenway to Shoaff Park…

Hopefully they’ll have it done before the erosion at the river bend knocks out the trail.

Two days ago, the 9 AM temp was 10.5.  Today it was 47.  Welcome to Indiana.


Some other notes- in nosing around the hockey world, I saw that Austria’s EBHL had finished the regular season and went on to stage 2- where the top 6 teams do a round robin to determine playoff seeding, and the bottom five do likewise, with two teams getting the last two playoff spots and the last one getting relegated.  Black Wings Linz won the season title, and my VSV Villacher team is in the “other five”.  I’ll deal with this a bit more when I do my next hockey update.

Also, I brought up the other day the Israeli league, which I don’t regularly follow as the quality of club hockey at McMillan Ice Arena here in Ft. Wayne is better.  But I brought it up because they used to have the one team that might be worse than AHL’s China Dragon.  That team used to be Bat-Yam 2; Now it is in the city of Holon, where they are known as (I can’t make this stuff up) the Jet Turtles.
They are the ones who got beat 19-0 on opening day.  That game was apparently 5-0 after 2 periods, but then they put in their backup goalie (one Yoav {Knuckles} Friedman, who apparently tried out once for Ontario of the ECHL, with predictable results)   and he managed to give up 14.  One commenter on International Hockey Forums mentioned that there was a video available, but it mainly focused on the goaltender.  To which another commenter rightly noted that when he gives up 14 goals in a 20-minute period, there’s not a whole lot of opportunity to look elsewhere.  Holon has gone on to lose their next 2 games 12-0 and 13-0, and even China Dragon has played a couple of relatively close games.


Finally, a note about JoePa.  I thought about doing a full blown tribute here, but talked myself out of it.  Not because of that pervert Sandusky, but because of the tales of his dictatorial rule over the university that have come out since.  Mind you, you can’t touch as many lives for the positive as he did without having something good within you.  But apparently you had to be a member of the football “family” to rate that treatment.  So, as is true for all of us, in between those who want to put him up for sainthood and those who wish he’d lived long enough to do jail time, the truth lies.  I still am uncomfortable about how the university treated him at the end; but what you sow, that shall you also reap.  And before you know it, the crop’s all in.  Something to think about before your combine gets fired up.


  1. The snowman looks like I feel. Roo developed bronchitis, which meant little sleep for either one of us this weekend.

  2. CWM:
    Nice pictures from Scrappy's Landing...I have to REMIND myself that the pictures you take there ARE in fact, WITHIN the confines of Ft. Wayne...nice to see.

    As for Joe Pa - I agree, and I pretty much grew up with him at the helm of Penn State (and all those championships).
    When he was in his prime, I'm sure it was about the players and the team...
    Later on, he might have been a victim of politicking (University-style).
    After all, MANY of our universities (and yes, even the IVY LEAGUE is not immune) have middle eastern "investors" funding them to some degree.
    The amounts would surprise you.

    Sorry to hear about that bronchitis...used to have a lot of that myself, growing up...never fun, and yes, little sleep is had during such times.

    DO take it easy and get whatever care is needed.
    You don't want it to develop into pneumonia (happened to me once - not nice - long story for another time)

    Stay safe out there, folks.

  3. This midwest weather has been more rainy season than snow season. After the blizzard of last year, I will take the rain.
    Stay dry and warm.

  4. Scrappy thanks you, BD. And yeah, LL, I'll take the rain. Bob, that's why I love living here. And Alisa, you weren't supposed to sympathize with the snowman! ;)

  5. Looks like the type of snowman I would