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Monday, January 2, 2012

Out the bedroom window...

I was achy from just laying around all day yesterday, so I decided to stretch out with a walk with Scrappy.  Just as I was finishing "armoring up", I caught a movement out the window...

There was a third, but I never did get her in...

By the time I got my jeans on, two had left- but there's always one who sticks around to graze...

So then we went outside and tried some more...

After which we stopped harrassing the deer and just went for the walk...

Can't help but think of poor Mynx having to sit by the pool while we enjoy all this!


  1. CWM:
    That's so cool to see deer RIGHT outside like that.
    (and if you placed a "salt lick" on that tree, you'd most likely see a few
    Maybe DNR wouldn't take kindly to that, though.

    Great walk.
    Now, if we can get Scrappy to make some SNOW ANGELS (or would they be puppies?)

    Stay safe (and warm) up there.

  2. We have lots of deer but no snow. I think the deer look better in the snow.

  3. Seeing deer never gets old for me. It's incredible. Seeing that snow though makes me want to sit next to "poor Mynx" by the pool!

  4. Very Beautiful :) I wish we had snow :)

  5. It looks lovely. The deer are amazing.