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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Uhhnn… Sorry, I must have blacked out…

Sorry, this post has nothing to do with the protest against SOPA (although I was one of those who sent the letter to his congressman- and, said congressman has posted on facebook that he plans to vote against it), I just couldn’t resist the tag line.  So lat me get on with my pirating.

Former Umpire Marty Springstead died at home at the age of 74.  Marty was one of the true good guys, a well respected official (which puts him ahead of 99% of NFL refs this year).

Next, The CBS evening news led off with perhaps the stupidest thing I have EVER heard on broadcast television:
“The cruise ship captain under fire for abandoning his vessel while thousands of passengers scrambled for rescue has reportedly come up with an explanation for his flight - he accidentally tripped and fell into a lifeboat.”


I tripped and fell into a lifeboat.  That’s why the commander of the coast guard spent a half-hour vainly trying to order my yellow ass back onto the ship.  So now not only is he a craven coward, but also a blatant liar.  Sorry to be unforgiving, but It will be a fine day when he adds “Convicted felon” to the accolades he won with this trip.

As of right now, Cashbox has not gotten their server back up.  Rest assured, that with a little warning and scads of extra time (yep, another early weekend due to lack of work), I will be doing… something… this Friday.  Not sure what, but I just had an idea and if I remember it long enough I might just try it.  Assuming SOPA doesn’t stop me.

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Now, I realize that I do my hockey posts for my own entertainment.  My followers include those who dislike hockey, those who don’t understand hockey, those that can’t skate (me neither), and Lord help us, Philly Flyers fans.  Never the less, I have an addendum to last night’s post, in particular the glancing blow I dealt to the Continental cup tourney.  It seems that once they got to the Sunday games, they weren’t going by goal differential amongst all four teams, but only the differential in the games between the three teams still in it.  Thus, when Yunost won, they needed a Rouen win of 2 goals or less.  Donbass needed a win, and they trailed Rouen 3-2 with less than three minutes left, which would have given the cup to Yunost.  But Rouen scored twice IN THE LAST 2 1/2 MINUTES to get their 3-goal margin and the cup!  And the game was in Rouen, can you imagine what that arena must have been like when that last goal went in?
They're calling it "Le Miracle de Rouen"!

Tune in tomorrow, when- at Average Girl’s request, I will do a post about yoga, and… what?  That got blacked out?  Pirating charges?  Oh well, maybe I’ll just raid wastebook for more bon mots instead.


  1. I had not heard that about the cruise ship captain. WOW, does he think everyone is stupid enough to believe he tripped. He should have his head dunked into a very dirty toilet.

    What kind of work do you do?

  2. During the busy season, I cut fabric patterns for patio replacement cushions. Right now, I'm doing whatever work they have available until people start ordering cushions dot com.

    Oh, and I'd be more than happy to dunk that bozo's head if he needs the help. Knowing him, he might trip and fall in it himself.

  3. I've never understood the fascination with going on a cruise. Those ships sit so far above the water line and look so top heavy as a result, I never want to set foot on one. Give me a good old fashioned road trip - or better yet, train trip - any day of the week!

    That captain is an idiot.

  4. There's a part of me that would love to go on a cruise. That part is not the part that would get seasick, and it isn't real close to my wallet, either.

  5. CWM:
    I'm with you on that cruise ship gig...
    I'd be wearing that life jacket 24/7 (even when bathing)...LOL!

    I prefer to fly down to some tropical island that's about 40 square miles in area...over the ocean...AT NIGHT!
    (yeah, the Netherland Antilles can be "fun", but I DO prefer to SEE where I MIGHT crash and sink)

    If I EVER "won" a cruise...I'd take the CASH equivalent...ASAP!

    (yeah, you can't make this stuff up...with that captain)

    Good post.

    Stay safe up there.