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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obama comforts us about gas

I actually have the latest on my Loko boys coming up, but first, I had to have some words about this:

President Barack Obama is confronting Americans' anxiety over rising gasoline prices by drawing attention to his energy policies and taking credit for rising oil and gas production, a greater mix of energy sources and decreased consumption.

Oh, THAT helps my anxiety level SOOO much.  Especially when one considers the only thing of the three he can ACTUALLY take credit for is the decreased consumption, caused by the HIGH PRICES that he wants me to feel better about!   I have to apologize to liberals for lumping him in with them in the past.  What he is, is a caricature of the WORST possible liberal.


Next, I got my Lokomotiv t-shirt a couple days ago!

Any of y'all considering ordering from Cafe Press, I give 'em 4 stars!  They sent an e-mail saying the t would arrive on the 28th or 29th, so imagine my surprise when it made it on the 21st!


On to Wednesday's match against VMF St. Petersburg (better known to Google translate as "Holding the Navy").  The game was in front of a warm, indoor home crowd of 9046.  Which reminds me that the final tally of the attendance in the outdoors of Krasnoyarsk was 16,100, which beats out the Russian record for attendance at ANY level, recorded in a KHL playoff game last February 27th at Minsk between Dinamo and Lokomotiv, in which the visiting good guys came out with a 4-2 win in front of 16,034.

Anyhow, the game's scoring opened with a goal by Vitaly Karamnov of VMF at the 7:00 mark of the first.  At 12:04, though, a two-on-one break gave Oleg Yashin the chance to slap home his 12th of the season to knot things at 1-1.  VMF retook the lead less than a minute into the second period on a goal by Albert Konozov.  The lead held most of the period, until VMF's Dmitry Livtov hooked Yashin down for a penalty shot, which Oleg converted at 18:00 for his second of the game and a 2-2 tie.

The third period had the very good ( Rafael Akhmetov caught a pass out in front and put it in for the 3-2 lead at 2:53 of the third) and the bad ( Petr Vorobiev caught a lot of heat for his defensive lapses; and Emil Galimov got whistled for a rough with 5 minutes to go, and Daniil Yerdakov got caught for a high stick just 15 seconds after they killed the first penalty). But Nikita Lozhkin held off the Sailors and the 3-2 score held.

The win almost puts Lokomotiv into that third seed- if Nefteyanik wins out and we lose our last 3, they'd beat us out by .0052.  Our next game is tomorow against HC Sarov.


  1. I will feel better about gas prices when the gas price continues to fall instead of rising. I'm sorry, HOW can I feel good about $4/gal? I physically flinch as I watch the total go up.

  2. We jumped almost 50¢/gallon during the month of February. We are now at $3.44/gallon, but that was yesterday morning. Could be more today. Guess I need to get a bicycle.

  3. CWM:
    YOu know what I said could be done to alleviate OUR angst at teh pumps...and now I:m nearing others chime in with similar proposals...
    Never took ONE economics course, either...just paid the heck attention (and remembers when gas was about $.78 cents a gallon).

    Common sense and the market should prevail here, but D.C. doesn't (want to) pay attention to EITHER.

    Good post.
    Nice shirt.

    Stay safe.

  4. I fail to see the sense in an economic system- or government over same- that cannot understand that the process that has driven this economy forever is the ability to move here and there cheaply. Not only to vacations, but the shops, our jobs, our families. Every economic factor that moves the price of gas up is in the end slitting its own throat. Unfortunately, they take us with it.