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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A quick word...

First, I got an award from The Cat And The Coffee Cup, a very cool blogger who is also a member of The Great Postcard Campaign.  And this is what it looks like:

Not sure it goes with the overall decor, but I still apreciate it.  And you'll find it posted on the right hand side of this Newspaper of the Airwaves.  Now, I am supposed to rattle off 10 random things about me and then tag six other bloggers.  I am going to have Laurie come up with the ten-thing list.

1. Chris is the inventor of the "Cheez-Ho" - a HoHo that has been shot full of cheese-whiz.
          Cheese and chocolate forever!!!
2. His organizational style is more of "spread everything out all over to make it easier to find".
          It's still organized!  I have a hard time knowing where things are when they're "where they're   
         supposed to be.
3. Loves his two-legged kids, but probably gets more enjoyment out of the four-legged one.
         With the four legged one more.
4.  Takes great pride in patting stomach and saying, "Built by burgers!"
         My other great accomplishment, next to two legged kids and Cheez-hos.
5. Once an avid collector of comic books- has a yard thick layer of them in his closet.
         Economic factors and the sheer stupidity of DC have cut off new additions.
6. Collects orphaned golf balls on his walks with Scrappy.
         Hey, they're just happy to have a home.
7. Excellent mind for trivialities- especially on the subject of history.
         Those who know not history are doomed to repeat their mistakes.
8. He enjoys severe storms, thunder, lightning, the whole works.
         Just because I yell, "BRING IT ON!" at the first thunderclap...
9. He would love to spend his day sitting and watching the waters of any ol' lake. 
         Sitting at the dock of the bay, wastin' time...
10. Likes to look at the old antique type advertising signs, and has a handfull in his room.
         Not the fake jokey ones, but old gas station signs or the like.

As for tagging people, I'm not good at that sorta thing.  I think all my followers that blog are creative, so if you wanna, bag the trophy and have at it!  Just let me know that you're doing it and I'll retroactively tag you.  Bob, Alicia, you'd be perfect!  Don't feel obligated, just sayin'.

And for those of you waiting with baited breath for the outcome of that game I mentioned yesterday, Sputnik knocked off arch-rival Zauralie 4-2, stealing the very last playoff spot from them on the last game of the season.  On the other hand, Lokomotiv closed out with a second straight loss, this one to Taurus 4-2.  Dmitry Maltsev scored first for us, but then we gave up 4 straight goals- the first three on power plays, until Oleg Yashin got his 14th with just seconds left.

And a sad note- prayers going out to all of those who lost home or family to the tornadoes last night.  And to the family of former Monkee Davy Jones- more on that on this week's Time Machine.


  1. A Cheese-Ho? lol That does sounds a bit disgusting. lol

  2. Great post. Love how you both answered. A good match. But a Cheese Ho? OMG...I'd have to try it someday but I'd have to be

  3. Oddly enough, I came up with the Cheez-ho many years after abandoning the stoned life... Cheez-hos and munchies just might have put me over the top for me coronary!

  4. Cheese Ho? Gag-a-maggot!! Glad I did not read your post until my catfish supper had slightly settled.

  5. How in heck have I missed your blog for so long? We have so many blogging friends in common, too!

    Anyway--I love the "built by burgers." That's brilliant. Mom would love it, since she likes to call herself Wimpy from Popeye--she loves her burgers. One year, Burger King had some Simpson watches, and one who say, "Mmm, burgers." Dad got her that one as a gag gift. It was hilarious.

    Anyway, I'm happily following you FINALLY! lol

  6. Cheez-ho. My hubby would like that. I've seen him sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on pizza....

    I also say "bring it" when the storms come. I'm glad I'm not the only one:)

  7. CWM:
    And here I thought a CHEESE-HO was a nasty-looking prostitute on the SE side...LOL
    (shows I'm not getting all my "memos")

    Love your list, too.
    Laurie MUST have helped...!

    I thought you would have included your extensive knowledge of comics in there (The Avengers).

    "Bring it ON"...ROFL!
    (love that one)

    And hey, if you're not going to outright GIVE me that award...I ain't gonna just up and take it, kapeesh?

    I got
    (and I'm from Philly - home of Tastykakes)

    Excellent post, and I look forward to your Monkees gig this weekend.

    Stay safe (and cheesy) up there

    1. Love your comment about Cheese-HO...ROFL!!