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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday stuff

First of all I’d like to mention how I feel.  One of my bloggy friends pointed out how three words can be so powerful, like “I love you”, and wondered what my three words were.  Today, I said, they would be “I can breathe!”

Second, yesterday I was introduced to Rugby sevens on TV.  I thought it was really cool, like a track meet cross pollenated with Football and Soccer.  So I consulted Mynx, my expert on all things Aussie.  She said that R7 was more popular in the north.  Where she lives, they dig Australian Rules Football more.  Amazing to me the levels of variation in the world.

Next, I found a site to learn more about the poor downtrodden Holon Jet-Turtles of Israeli hockey.  And what I learned is that they may be the worst team, but they’re not the last-place team.  Confused?  It goes like this.  The Jet Turtles are one and six, having lost 15-2, 12-0, 14-0, 12-0 again, 11-1, and 20-0-  and they BEAT Rishon #2 2-1.  Rishon #2, meanwhile, has lost 11-1 (twice), 9-1, 10-0 (twice), the 2-1 loss to Holon, and a 3-2 OT loss to HC Afula.  Afula  has lost 17-0, 14-0, the 3-2 OT win against Rishon#2, 3 5-0 forfeits in which they couldn’t field a whole team, and a double forfeit against Hertzelia (the guys who beat Holon 20-0) in which NEITHER team could field a whole squad.  Hertzelia has 3 other forfeits as well, and the only 2 games out of six they HAVE played were the 20-0 win over Holon and a 3-1 loss to Metulla.  All of which puts Hertzelia at 1-5, Holon 1-6, and Afula and Rishon #2 at 0-6-1.

Finally today, Lokomotiv put up another “W”, this one just over against Kazzinc Torpedo.  Vladislav Kartayev  tallied his 5th just 19 secends into a 1st period power play to put us up 1-0. Not quite 4 minutes into the second Ruslan Bernikov tied it for Torpedo but goals for Alexi Kruchinin (his 3rd) and Rafael Akhmetov(# 6) in the period’s 8th minute, just 20 seconds apart, put us up 3-1.  Kartayev scored again, his 6th,  at 18:55 of the third for a 4-1 final. Tuesday, the boys play Ermak Angarsk, the farm team of Metallurg Novokutensk, in the opponent’s home mere miles north of beautiful Lake Baikal. Ermak is 19-12-11 and is one of the seven teams who have clinched playoff spots.


  1. Breathing is always a positive.

    I am not really much of an expert on sport although I do know we have Aussie Rules football, a couple (or more) variations of Rugby, and soccer.
    I am pretty sure you could even find grid iron teams and Gallic football if you tried too

  2. My three key words today: The coffee's done.