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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday with Scrappy

Anytime I get 2 or more comments about ANYTHING, I feel a response is in odrer.  And with 2 comments this weekend about Scrappy-walks, of course we had to work the camera.

First stop out the door is Woodbridge's new fitness center.  May soon be taking advantage of this- but for now, the complex is still trying to figure how to work the key-cards for the lock.

Scrappy's take on enjoying nature is more "spot intensive" than mine.

Good boy Scrappy is trained to sit and wait at each crossing.

0.8 seconds after being told, "Okay, go ahead..."


Here we are at the bottom of the feeder. Despite the rain and melting snow, it takes a LOT of water to make this any kind of stream...

...rather than a collection of big puddles in a channel.

Here's a spot we've been known to scramble down when aquadog wants to play in the river.

YEAH! Another orphaned golf ball for the collection!  I've got about three dozen of them since we started last spring.  Still no purpose for them other than giving them a good home.

Each and every time it warms up, the bank at river's bend sinks a little farther.  Scrappy hops down where it's easy, goes all the way back to the other end, and then has to be coached how to get back.

This is the approximate area Scrappy found the baby coon last spring.  Every hole MUST be inspected against current residents.

Checking things out at the landing.

Suddenly, he smells/hears something I don't.  So we go on down the side trail, only to have him lead us into yet another mess.

This one spot on the trail to Scrappy's Landing is ALWAYS mossy.  No idea why.

As I said, every hole must be inspected- whether the route to it is Daddy-friendly or not.


  1. Scrappy takes interesting walks.

  2. I love these walks I sit and wonder with you and tell myself that I am doing good going on a and yeah I know a little lame Jo-Anne but I am what am I,honestly I have no idea where this was going so I will now just back out the door and shut is quietly pretend I said nothing...........

  3. CWM:
    What I want to know is WHO takes WHO for a "walk"...

    Always a good day when a travelogue is pending, right?
    great pictures, and would make a decent scrapbook (no canine pun intended) when the city decides WHAT they plan to do with the area...
    Like to see it remain green and pristine.

    Nice hike.

    Stay safe (and moss-free) up there.

  4. Great pictures!
    Know what miracle of nature happens if you sit on those orphaned golf balls?
    Well, nothing, really.
    Except a sore butt.

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