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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Truth is" Tuesday?

Some of my friends do something called a "Truth is..." Thursday.  Herein you put various little bits of info that might not neccessarily form a coherent post, prefacing each one with the phrase, "Truth is..."  I thought that would be as good a way as any to cover the little knick-knacks I wanted to mention.  Of course, just to be difficult, I'm doing it on Tuesday.

Truth is... I'm happy about getting a post card from Speed Demon, another member of  the Great Postcard Campaign .  SD is a Californian, but is a friend of J Day, our fearless leader, so she's okay. (KIDDING!)  I got a neat card about the Wine Country to go with the other neat cards I've gotten.  And getting a nice postcard sure beats the notice from the US Olympic Committee that they'll give me a windbreaker I don't want in return for a $20 contribution I can't afford.

Truth is... I'm frustrated because now certain Blogger blogs with the pop-up comment box have had the "Check box if you want new replies e-mailed to you" removed.  Therefore, I have to go a hunting if I want to see if my witty responce has drawn a witty rejoinder.  Can Blogger EVER change something that isn't totally ass-backwards, pardon the lingo?

Truth is... I'm tired right now, and the explanation for that is three words long- THAT. IDIOT. MONTOYA.  NASCAR fans will understand.

Truth is... I'm not all that concerned that my Lokomotiv lads got beat Monday by Sputnik 2-1.  They pretty much have their playoff position set, and Sputnik needed it more than we did.  They (Sputnik) play Zauralie Kurgan tomorrow, for the last playoff spot.  Alexi Kruchinin got his 10th late in the game to break the shutout for us.  Tomorrow the season ends and we face Toros (Taurus) of Neftekamsk, who at 30-10-9 are second only to Donbas in the league.

Truth is... I'm glad I always let Scrappy talk me into that walk.

Instead of a twinned dead tree/live tree today, how about a twinned two trees of different species?  Can you here the Stories change the words of Brother Louie?  "Ain't no difference if you're oak or birch..."

Which way did 'e go, which way did 'e go...

Scrappy found his favorite puddle had water in it.   And you know what that means.

Truth is... That's it for today.  Time to pay the rent...


  1. I like your Truth is... of course, my favorite part is the Scrappy walks.

  2. Scrappy looks like he's enjoying himself.

    There's an award waiting for you over at my blog :-)

  3. Loved this post. So much fun.
    No snow on this walk I see.

  4. CWM:
    I like the "truth is" some real promise.
    And Scrappy took Daddy for a walk, I

    Nicely done and obviously enjoyed.

    Stay safe uop there.

  5. BTB... That seems to be a common response. WC Fields always said, "Never work with children or animals."

    Mynx... Yeah you should see the "mud puppy" today!

    Cat.. On my way!

    Bob... That is, as usual, the essence of things.

    BTW, I see the e-mail problem goes away if you change your comment setting from "pop-up" to "full screen".

  6. Are you a NASCAR fan too?! Please, say yes. I did a whole Truth Is Tuesday, Daytona 500 special edition. LOL

    Yeah, Montoya. Seriously, what was that?! I've never seen anything like it. Glad everyone is okay. Too bad Daytona is now Juan less jet dryer (yeah that was the joke making the rounds as cleanup went on and on and on and on). Craziest Daytona EVER.

    Who is your driver?

  7. FV:
    Not a blood and guts fan, and I kinda drifted away during Jimmie Johnson's reign. It had to be Montoya to do that- with all the bad karma his dipstick antics have done over the years it was enjoyable to see him get evened out by something that wasn't his fault. No, the craziest (for me) was back when I was cheering Ward Burton, and after the big wreck he came through the cloud of smoke with nary a scratch and went on to win. Somebody asked me, after I commented on Laurie being mad at Danica getting wrecked, if I was a Danica fan. I said, "No, my guy's the one who sent Johnson spinning in the first place!" Yep, I have stuck myself with Elliot Sadler. Why? Why not- I already root for the A's and Dolphins, it's not like sucess is a priority.