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Friday, April 13, 2012

I survived Friday the 13th...

...but ya hadda wonder with a start like this:

4:30 AM: Awakened by skunk out the back window- so strong I was gagging trying to get Scrappy his breakfast.  Tried a good loud fart to freshen the air, but it was swiftly overwhelmed.

5:10 AM:  Mr. Raccoon was just climbing out of the dumpster as I staggered to the car.  He listened attentively as I scolded him about his neighbor, Mr. Skunk.  Laurie came out, said, "Hi, Mr. Raccoon!"  And he ran away.

5:40 AM:  Ground hog going about 10 MPH at a diagonal to SR 3 meets corner of Chevy Impala doing sixty north on SR 3.  Slight crack to lower part of driver's side front bumper.  I suspect Mr. G. Hog came out with at least a splitting headache, I suspect.

Once inside work, though, the attack of Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom abated, and I was confident enough after work to go for a Scrappy walk.

Here's a cute little guy.

And another white one.

River's really dry now.

Usually, this spot we were exploring is an exercise in muck.  Not so much now.

"The grass is always greener on the other side..." I don't know about the grass, but that bush was certainly whiter.

Cute yellow guys... and a booogle to boot.

Scrappy, oddly enough, spent most of the time trying to drag me out of the trails.  Here's one he drug me into...

...along with the one he drug me back out through.  Thanks a heap!

Different little white guys.

Everything else has greened up nicely... the trees, though, seem a bit tardy.

Did I say dry?  Here's the "duck pond"...

And here we are in our favorite place that we haven't given a name yet.  Note how deep the muck is, and the dirty legs.  Fortunately he can walk most of the mess off.

Jet contrails.  I vividly remember how empty the sky was without them after 9/11.  Nowadays, just seeing one has a calming effect.

And while I relax, here comes Scrappy, saying, "GET YER ASS UP AND WALK ME!"


  1. I do love these walks with your and scrappy.......

  2. skunks, raccoons and ground hogs? Oh my goodness. All I saw on my walk today was a few birds.
    It is looking lovely and green and those flowers are pretty