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Sunday, April 15, 2012

In response to David Sowards

You know, I try not to respond to letters in the Journal-Gazette anymore.  Liberal spoutoffs who spend half their letters accusing conservatives of "parroted phrases" when their whole rant was lifted off a "how-to" page.  But sometimes, I have to say something, if only to let the world know that there are people with intelligence still alive in the US of A.  One such letter came in today from a David Sowards, who is apparently seeking the Democratic nomination for Congress from the third district- i.e. NE Indiana.  Here is his letter, and my response.

Do-nothing party must be dumped

Some good reasons not to vote for the Republicans:
1. They often like to brag about how conservative they are. But remember, some of the worst presidents we ever had were conservatives – Bush 1, Bush 2, Nixon, Hoover, Harding, Taft, all failures.

Really.  But let's not talk about Wilson, who sent thousands of boys to their deaths in WWI in order to get his name on the USA entry into the League of Nations- which never happened, and that was a good thing; or about FDR, who created the entire system of Welfare that keeps thousands safe and secure from having to work and costs taxpayers billions; or Jimmy Carter, who plunged the economy from a mess to a disaster.  And the only reason that Bush I was a "failure" was that the Democrats in Congress forced him to rescind his "Read my lips-no new taxes" pledge.

2. They support another plan to reduce taxes for the wealthy and to increase our national deficit.

Reducing taxes wouldn't be increasing the debt.  That would be the added spending on Obamacare and so many other things,  and Republicans are trying to REDUCE that, i.e. the Paul Ryan plan.  The man preventing those cuts is Sen. Harry Reid, who last I checked was a Democrat.

3. They are anti-union, anti-working class, anti-minority, anti-women, anti-foreigner and anti-anyone who disagrees with them on any issue. They are almost like a hate group.

Republicans are a Hate Group. Wow.  And people want to vote for this guy?  Yes, we are against unions being a parasite on our economy; no, we are not anti-working class- why do Dems want to regulate jobs out of business?  Why do they want to shut down pipelines and oil wells and thus force the working class to pay $4 and up for a gallon of gas?  No, we are not anti-minority, we are anti-favoritism to minorities.  We are for minorities that work to improve themselves. We are in favor of minorities who come here UNDER THE RULE OF LAW.  No, we are not anti-women.  Many of us believe that the taking of life is a sin, and try to defend those too young to defend themselves.  If you think that is "anti-women", so be it.  Anti-foreigner?  See "anti-minority".  And anti- anyone who disagrees with them?  Please.  I have listened so many times on talk shows where liberals are given a chance to speak, and they rant loudly, on and on, not giving the host a chance to respond or even speak, and then pat themselves on the back when they get hung up on for having proven some great point.

4. Under President George W. Bush, they did everything possible to try to bankrupt this country and destroy the future of your children.

Hey, Dave?  You want to look at the spending President Obama has created- the spending that the GOP has tried hard to eliminate- and then come back and compare notes?

5. They have totally failed to help the anti-abortion movement achieve their goals.

You say that like it's a bad thing.  Do you WANT the anti-abortion movement to succeed, Dave?  I would have thought that was because your side was winning their battle, but whatever.

6. They support the gun nuts and the reactionaries. They’re so far right, they’re so far wrong.

Gun Nuts and reactionaries?  Dave, can you tell me why a left-wing name-caller who can't get the simplest fact straight is an improvement?

7. They really only care about serving the interests of rich people like Mitt Romney. They will never care about people like you.

This from the party who want to prevent voter-ID so that dead people and illegal aliens can elect our next President.  This from the people who want Congress to "pass the bill and we'll find out what's in it later."  This from the people that want you to give up your constitutional right to practice your religious rights so that they can have sex, get pregnant, and dispose of the results at their leisure, on your dime.  When was the last time Harry Reid told a union boss, thank you, no, I don't need your contribution?  When did Barack Obama turn down money from George Soros, saying, "No, it wouldn't be right?"  Your statement #7 (and #s 4 and 6) sound like something a spoiled fourth-grader would write.

There’s an easy way to end the gridlock in Congress – just elect all Democrats. And throw out the do-nothing Republicans in Congress.

Do nothing??? Again, I thought Harry ("I won't even allowed that to be debated in the Senate") Reid was a Democrat.
I welcome your support at

DAVID SOWARDS Candidate for the Democratic nomination for Congress, 3rd District

So, I decided to give Dave the benefit of the doubt- no one seriously running for Congress can be THIS immature, right?

Well, if you want, you can check his Blogger profile.  He has  eleven blogs- some for somewhat legitimate prose, one for a really disgusting story, one for a passle of anti-conservative, anti-God jokes, one (God help me, it's true) with nothing but sketches he drew of Barack Obama, and of course his campaign blog.  All of which have one common theme- NO FOLLOWERS.

Or you can check his Youtube Website here.  Remember, I can't make this stuff up.

Dave is one of the six Dems who will be vying to run without hope against Marlin Stutzman, along with legit candidate Kevin Boyd, a retired carpenter, a retired cop, "college student" Justin Kuhnle, who describes himself as a conservative Democrat (and actually shows evidence of thinking out his positions), and of course Tommy Schraeder, who became famous last year for running in a local election while living in Wisconsin, oblivious to the campaign.

So now, at least we know that if nothing else, the Indiana primary will be fun to see if Dave can outpoll Schraeder.  And that the Journal-Gazette really will print anything.


  1. thinking is the hardest work there is...that is why so few people do it.

  2. I think that the only reason we have no qualified candidates for office is because all the qualified people are too smart to run.

  3. What an interesting read me I know nothing about politics American or I come here and I learn something

  4. Wow...I agree with momto8...thinking is the hardest work there is so the list is slim.

  5. CWM:
    I'm certainly GLAD that YOU responded to this loon...the "title" had me actually bother to READ it (thought it was in reference to DEMS...silly me).

    ELEVEN blogs you say?
    And NO followers...well I don't feel that bad

    Love YOUR counter to HIS "points"...well done (as usual).
    Thinking, not the BEST way to go through life...just the ONLY way (if you ever want to be anything, do anything, or learn anything).

    Stay safe up there.