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Friday, April 27, 2012

Out with the old...

Today we got the news that our plant was closing June 29th.  A lot of things I could say about this- but I'll defer for now.  They're being very generous on severence, and giving plenty of warning.  It still sucks, though, and thankfully they were wise enough to send us home and pay us for the half- day so's we didn't just stand around and get ourselves all worked up.

I'd rather do that alone.

Twenty years for me, 25 for Laurie.  I knew not the first thing about really working when I went there.  Don't feel much like I know anything about it now, other than I'll somehow have to do it somewhere else.

But you know what?  It's nuthin' but a thing, and life rolls merrily on.  I have a blog friend who has it a lot worse.  Years of CHF, fighting weight and diet, fighting for insurance coverage, trying to see one last daughter through to adulthood.  And then... the bad news she wasn't prepared to name on blog, so as to give it a permanance and reality.  But the word "chemo" spells it out in big Gothic font.  The other day, she posted one of those posts where you laugh about what you're going through, except the jokes ain't funny and you're working to an audience of yourself.  Before I could read the whole thing, she'd taken it down.  To me, even that's a poignant moment of courage-  "You are NOT turning me into one of those people!  You can't have my dignity!"  Bravo to you.

And you know what? It's nuthin' but a thing, and life rolls merrily on. Scrappy and I went out for a walk and ran into mama fox and three, maybe four, adorable little kits sunning themselves.  I tried to video, but by now you are all familiar with my camera, so if you really want to hear it, let me know.  Mama fox saw us last, and jumped up, yipped at her already amscrayed litter (hence "hearing" the aforementioned video), and split.  Scrappy, as usual, never noticed until she stood up and yipped. 

Those little buggers were so cute, and so happy, and where will they be months from now?  Where will any of us be?   Sometimes all we have are a few stolen sunny moments.  Or one more school dance.  Or two months of work.


  1. I read that post. She is amazing, and yes, still finds time to enjoy the things that are really important. :) She is an inspiration.

    i was always the breadwinner. When I was out on maternity leave with Oldest, I returned to work after 12 weeks off. Two days back, I found out not only was my store closing, but the entire company. AOL had bought us out and gone the way of online only. Which of course meant no room for me. We picked up, moved 1200 miles back to home, and got divorced within 2 years.

    I had two babies under two, $7 in the bank, no child support, and no job. Not even a career that I could go back to as a single Mom with infants.

    Somehow, we got through, and are so much better for it. As will you.

    Believe in your survival and you will. :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, I mean that. Tune in again later when it hits and I REALLY need encouraging!!

  3. When my husband left me, 1991, I was working but only bringing in about $900/mo. My ex was one, if he wanted something, he got it, no matter the cost so we were deep in debt. Our monthly bills were about $2000/mo. By the way, he has never paid his part of that debt. He high tailed it and ran.

    Right after he left, I became a christian. My boss, increased my hours, I picked up work organzing filing systems for people who work for themselves, cleaned houses, cleaned offices, started housesitting all while being a single mom to a 12 yr. To put the icing on the cake, I started having health issues and no insurance.

    God was faithful. Even though my monthly bills were more than my income, I was never late with a payment nor did I ever miss one. It took 14 years, but 2 months before my 50th birthday, I became debt free and 1 month before my 50th birthday, I bought a house.

    I know it can be devastating when you have lost your source of income but I also know a God who knew it was going to happen and already has a plan for you.

    I may need your encouragement ( and a reminder of my words) down the road. Both my full time boss and part time boss are considering retiring so I may be without employment come year end.

    Praying for you and Laurie.

  4. Thanks. It's not to the "devastating" part yet, I don't think we've even dealt with the "shock" part yet. And as for the reminder, well, that's why we're here, right?