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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scrappy Sunday

Butterflies everywhere.  A couple about flew into me noggin, they did!

Lots of mud flats- river's way down.

Dad:  "Go ahead, Boofus, it's okay!"
Scrappy:"It's a little deep here for me."

Our normal spot- much better.

"C'mon, Dad, it's time to roll!!"

Down one of those never-taken paths...

...which had us stumbling onto this little bit of open... the midst of more forest primeval.

And thence onto the mud flats.  Usually this is all river...

...but now it's where Stony Run dribbles into the river.

Along about here it started getting a little too mucky...

...and getting to the bank was even worse.  So it was back whence we came...

...but someboby thought it would be fun to walk all the way back in the water.  You should have seen his face when I told him I wasn't going that way...

...just so's he could play with the ducks way over there.


  1. Another Scrappy Sunday goin down!!! So enjoy seeing the pics and reading about your walks.

  2. Now I can say I have been for a walk by the waters edge with Scappy.............

  3. Our ponds are low as well. It's kind of neat though, as we can get to areas that normally we can't. Won't be so neat in July when there's a watering ban...

  4. Is it unusually dry for this time of the year, for the river to be so low?

    I love these posts, a little peek into your world.
    You would have had one muddy pup though I would think

  5. CWM:
    Wow...didn't know that area was a haven for BUTTERFLIES...might have to git on up there to check that one out.

    Nice flowers, too...a horticulturalist's DREAM.

    Didn't know the river was THAT low...(we only see the river along Winchester Rd when going out to Waynedale, and it's still ME, it's a nice

    Bet there's plenty of beer caps in all that muck...
    (attach a metal detector to Scrappy, and there 'ya go...LOL.)

    Good travelogue.

    Stay safe (and mud-free) up there.

  6. Another fun walk with Scrappy. I always enjoy your walks and comments. I was wondering do you ever look for mushrooms on your walks.

  7. Alisa and NK, I enjoy bringing them to you. And nope, don't stumble onto many of the "good" Mushrooms- as if I'd know the difference.

    Jo-Anne, it's not so glamorous as it sounds...

    Juli, exactly the point of checking it out when possible. And when it gets warmer, I think they let more water through the reservoir a few miles upstream.

    Mynx, yeah, I usually don't see it like this till it starts turning cold. The secret to non-muddy puppy is to walk through plenty of tall grass before reaching home. Usually works.

    Bob, the butterflies werwe plentiful, but the selection was low. Flowers are beautiful, but still a bit scattered. And I don't know about beer caps, but there are plenty of old tires and at least one shopping cart.