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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Suwon update

If you remember the criminally-botched rape investigation I featured in the post If You Think It's Bad Elsewhere..., I've just been looking up some more on this tragedy.  From the Korea Herald:

After partially revealing telephone records, there has been public outcry over the handling of the 112 call. The operator was found to have focused on whether Kwak  (the victim) had been raped and by whom, and failed to secure the location of the crime. The agent also reportedly left important information out when referring the case to the police, including the fact that the crime was taking place indoors and near an elementary school. Police arriving on the scene had initially searched neighboring playgrounds and yards.

Once the full record was disclosed, it was found that the victim had stayed on the line for more than six minutes. The victim’s pleas could be heard, while an officer said the call appeared to be about domestic abuse. Police initially reported that Wu’s voice was not captured on the tape, which was later found to be false. Members of Kwak’s family also reported that police on scene acted inappropriately with two officers sleeping in a police vehicle while the search took place.

Also it has been pointed out that some neighbors could hear her screams, and shrugged it off as a domestic fight and did nothing.  And, another consequence has been a spike in hate-tweets against the  Joseonjok (ethnic Koreans who lived in China and came "home" to work), egged on by the media's constant refering to the fact that the murderer was a Joseonjok.  One site said that, just like after the Japan earthquake the media reported every little tremor, now the media lights on anything to do with "Chinese" Koreans.  Sure is nice to see American "culture" being transplanted to foreign lands, ain't it?  Oh, and speaking of which, here's one of those tweets, where a Korean lets us know their take on "multiculturalism":

 Multiculturalism, you say? Are you illiterate? Don't you know history and ethnicity is what Koreans are proud of? It's a bullshit saying we should mix culture and whatever shit. Who the fuck speaks "multiculturalism?" Multiculturalism is made by immigrants of diverse background in the U.S., a nation where history is only about 200 years long. Stupid brats, U.S. is still in racist/cultural war against the immigrants. Also, 95% of the foreign laborers are underpaid daily laborers. You say it's "global age?" It's a global labor site. We should also require people to have money in their bank account and take fingerprints if they want to come. This is a global, low-skill laborer crime site.

Oh, yeah, but we're awful for wanting illegal immigration stopped.

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  1. We all complain about the police and such in our own country but it isn't to we see/hear about how slack they can be in other countries that we realise how good we have it..........

    Multiculturalism is a load of doesn't really exist in my opinion