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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

When He Returns

When He Returns
don’t expect soldiers
to lead Him away,
or accusations of blasphemy
to hold any sway

When He returns
don’t expect logic
to argue its case
or reason of science
to stand in His place.

When He returns
don’t look to the law
or governor’s command
to lessen the fall
or stay His Right Hand

When He returns
don’t expect tombs
to get in His way,
or rely upon great stones;
they’ve all rolled away.

When He returns
don’t hope to hide
behind unbelieving
or cling to a certainty that
will be swiftly receding

When He returns
don’t resist with the scourge,
the cross, or the grave;
they’ve already been tried,
and did not delay.

The women sought Him out
Peter ran to His side
John saw and believed
and the Magdalene cried

at Emmaus they heard Him
and opened the door
Thomas, he doubted, ‘til
he could no more.

The guard shook and fainted
the priests lied and paid
but none of them saw Him
in the spot He was laid

Death found its hands empty,
its prize ripped away
and Hell, it's gates broken,
its master afraid.

For despite his convincing
of the “wise” and the weak
from his great victory sprung
his greatest defeat
when He returned.


  1. CWM:
    That's some beautiful prose you got going on there.
    Thanks...very well said.

    And a very Blesed Easter to ALL of you at "Scrappy Hollow".

    STay safe.

  2. Happy Easter to you, Laurie, and of course Mr Scrappy Dawg.

  3. Thank you, everybody. It can be hard sometimes to listen to the unbelief of the world and not say, "just you wait till He comes back". You really have to step back and remember that you would not want to wish that fate upon them. So I wrote this to say, "appreciate what He did when He came the first time. When He returns, business as usual ends."

  4. Amen! All true! I especially love the last two stanzas.