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Monday, May 28, 2012

A (couple) walk(s) with Scrappy.

We tried it first this morning about 6.  It was warm (71°), and the humidity was off the charts.  There wasn't a hint of breeze, and neither one of us could breathe worth a darn.  We ran into Mr. Humpty-back (neighborhood raccoon) by the river, but were played out within about twenty minutes.

Came home, gave Mr. Booogle some water and Mr. Achy Body some naproxen and went back to bed for a couple hours.  At 8:30 it was now 77° and a nice breeze was blowing.  The humidity had dropped by about half, so it was like the same relative temperature as before, only you could breathe.  And right away, we had an encounter.

Yep, we ran into Mr. Garter Snake.  As you can see in the first two pics, he didn't mind his picture taken; but Scrappy?  Him, he minded.  Scrappy took sniff #1 and Mr. Snake snapped him right in the butt!  As yet undeterred, Scrappy followed him to the other side of the dry strem bed, where shortly before pic #3, Mr. Snake took another swing at him.  It missed, but Scrappy whimpered and was done with visiting.

Further on, we saw what looked like tore up bits of paper on the ground.  Imagine our surprise at finding they were morning glory flowers.

Last weekend, they put the floodgates up on the dam at Johnny Appleseed.  Thus, instead of having a mud flat with a really long puddle down the middle, we have an honest-to-gosh river again.  Funny how it only seems to be flowing out in the middle, though.

I'm hot, I've had enough, and I haven't had my breakfast yet!  Good-bye!


  1. like the pictures and stories!!! my son decided to carry the 5 baby garter snakes into the kitchen to show them to me.

  2. Great pictures but the snake can go! Ewwww they give me the creeps! Glad Scrappy survived a snake bite!

  3. I don't like any type of snake no matter how harmless it may be.......ewwwwwww.........

  4. I do not like those sneaky snakes!

  5. I have to agree with everyone else. I can't stand snakes. I would not have been able to stand there and take the pictures.

  6. Snake was calm as it could be until Scrappy wandered over. He might have even struck a pose, he sure had no problem with the camera!

  7. I love your walks. I may have to copy you one day and take you on a walk with me. :0)

  8. We'd love it! I'm happy with scenery, but Scrappy prefers ground hog dens and streams to splash in.

  9. CWM:
    SOunds like a nice time was had by you AND Scrappy, but tell me...WTH do you FEED those garter snakes out here???
    Cripes, that thing looks like a dang BOA!!
    (or a rattler)

    I NEVER saw a garter snake THAT big before today...steroids in the river water???
    (gotta be something).

    Good pics.

    Stay safe up there in Scrappyvania!