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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

the end... day 2

Today I was really struggling.  Not because of the closing, but because I was helping with the K-Mart/Sears stuff.  This means A-cushions (front and back different) tons of bands and welt, and the annoying big table that I described a while back, with its annoying computer mouse.  Then, our boss came over just as I was going onto the next thing with a retail order which "is suddenly urgent".  I raced back to my table with bells on my toes.  Suddenly, our HR person posted something on the bulletin board.  Just so you understand how silly this is getting, let me recap in chronological order:

Friday, 6 AM:  Told that the reason that OT was cut from 10 to 6 hrs was because "Corporate doesn't want to pay OT when our efficiency is so low".  Note- this is not a lie, boss just didn't know what was coming.

Friday 9:35 AM:  All the new employees (including two cutters, maybe two sewers, and a "support person") were taken into the break room, told what was going on, and escorted out.

Friday 9:45 AM:  The rest of us were called into the break room, given the bad news, and sent home. (Now you know why we came in Friday at all.)

Friday 10:50 AM: Discovered that the self addressed stamped envelope that was supposed to be in with our settlement statement we had to sign and send back was not in the package after all (Signing, among other things, was to indicate that the envelope was there.  Ooops.)

Monday, 7:30 AM:  Asked plant manager (who was the only one to escape the purge) when we'd be getting the SASE.  "You mean, it wasn't in there??"

Monday 10 AM:  Locally produced SASEs passed out.

Tuesday, 9:05 AM: Given the "suddenly urgent " retail order.

Tuesday 9:10 AM: Notice posted on bulletin board.  Whole plant 10 hrs OT Friday.  Sewers on 12-hour shifts starting Wednesday.  Mind you, we aren't "efficient" enough to rate OT.  11 people fired Friday.  Now we have OT.  WTF??

Tuesday 9:17 AM:  Funniest line of the day:  Lead man in packing, "M", looks over at the sewers who just found out they are looking at 12 hour shifts, and says, "Congratulations, ladies."

Tuesday 9:35 AM:  HR person takes down 12 hour notice, tells sewers it's cancelled.   (Yep, 20 minutes later.)

Tuesday 9:36 AM: Inform HR person, "As long as this place is turning into a circus, I don't like heights and don't wanna train lions, put me down for getting shot out of the cannon.  After all, you can only screw that job up once and you won't have to worry about getting yelled at about it."  Funniest line honorable mention.

Later on, I kept giving helpful suggestions to our inventory chick.  She was trying to figure out yardages on the Lowes fabric (which was getting sent to our other plants, along with the JC Penny fabrics.  Suggestions included, "Considering the way they've sent fabric to us, you oughta pull the yardage tags out and send the stupid things unmarked."  Later when she told our boss, "I have this roll here (little bitty thing) that says '28.96 yds'. I have this one here (same fabric, also little bitty) that says, '21.8'.  And this one (again, same fabric but easily 4 times the amount on the other two combined) says '16. 35'. "  My response- "Just right down the total on the tags, and the total the system says we have, and a note that says 'Pick one'."  For her part, she wanted to pay corporate back by sending it all to them.  Nice, but fairly impractical.  I also tried to talk her into a road trip to Michigan to attempt a palace coup, but she seemed uninterested.

Funniest line of the day # 2- I was holding the door open for several ladies as we left and QC guy comes up.
Me: "You're no lady.  I'm shutting the door."
QCG: "Yes I am..."
Me: NO, you're NOT!"
QCG (in his gentle spanish accent):  "Yes, I am. Don' you see ta way I walk?"

And no, I didn't look to check it out.


  1. If I told you the insanity that was going on right now within my office regarding logic and staffing you would not believe it. But then again, it's a government agency, so maybe you would.

    Here's to less insane days.

  2. Grateful I work in a 2 person office, just the boss man and me.

    At least things aren't boring.

  3. I am glad that I do not work in an office I think I would go

  4. CWM:
    What always used to astound me whenever my places of employment had "layoffs / cutbacks"...after a spell (usually not all that long) business tended to pick up...WAY UP!

    The fun part came with trying to GET BACK (and in a hurry) all the good folks (who knew the jobs well) that were let go...that was damn near impossible.
    What was hired in their stead left a lot to be desired.
    It was a vicious cycle, and one that needs not be repeated with such regularity...if many businesses valued the hard-working employees as much as the dollar sign.

    But hey, that's just my opinion.

    Stay safe up there.