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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The end, days three and four

First of all, I'd like to say if you had me list my top ten sports athletes who would never commit suicide, Junior Seau would be in the top 3.  What price glory?

Anyway, moving on.  Day 3 was a nothing-happening sort of day, unless you were Aquaman and were able to breathe well in all that humidity.

Late in the afternoon, my boss opened the overhead door in our department to get some air.  Temperature went up 5 degrees just like that.  (BTW I have the heater thermostat right next to my table).

Oh, and somebody thought it would be fun to turn the OT list upside down on the bulletin board. I quickly pointed out that someone was tramping on my immaturity gig.  It remained upside down until this AM, when several wags pointed out that when 10 hours OT gets turned upside down, it becomes 01 hours.  By lunchtime, the list was now sideways.

I was still on day 25 of making 743s (a chair cushion for K-Mart).  In the last two days alone, I've accounted for around 2,000 of them.  The sewers just love me these days.  I finally told Victor that in honor of our plant closing, the company will be sending a free 743 to every man, woman, and child in America.  Company owner BS will be dropping by your house soon.

One of the fabrics I was using has a tendency to have some rolls come in stretched out and a pain to lay up.  Also, most fabric vendors use little plastic tacks to indicate where defects have occured.  This stuff seems to be tacked whenever they manage to put 5-10 yards of good fabric together without a defect.  Probably 70% of defects go unmarked, and since I'm bringing 2 plies down the table at a time, half of those 70% will be making their way to Mr. and Mrs. America.  And I frankly got too mad to care.  In my frustration I slipped up in repressing all the things about the closing that made me mad, and soon I was ready to kill.  I finally asked myself what would make me feel better.  And I answered, "To see one of the corporate people who came up with one of the "good ideas" that helped make us so damn inefficient this year, point at him/her and shout, 'You!  You're a sonufabitch and here's why!' "

After that, I began to calm down.  And I told my boss, who suggested that I talk to production mgr. ODP (don't expect me to explain what THAT stands for on a family show), because he's well versed in anger management.  "I need to deal with the anger, not increase it!" I exclaimed.  "Oh, yeah, that wouldn't work, would it?" she replied.

After lunch, our bag vendor came in to look into what he'd have to repossess, and became interested in our saws, as they are veering into the fabric business.  I was cutting the aforementioned yellow crap when I looked up to see said vendor filming me on his cell.  Boss said, "Smile!"  I said, "I'll be doing a comedy show later," and continued on.

Victor says a bunch of the sewers might not show up Friday.  Yeah, blow off a day of time-and-a-half with two months left on your job.. . and they wonder why we're closing.

Finally, near the end of the day "Joe" came over to chit chat.  Inventory chick (who was somewhat low-cut today) goes past, and drops her pen right in front of us.  As I pause to watch her bend down to get it (Hey, now, you would too), I go, "Nice Job".  As I'm saying this, Joe drops his pen as well, so I say, "Nice job" again.  When Joe rises, I added softly, "But it was more fun watching her pick hers up than you."


  1. Your office sounds like ours. But ours has more blatant ogling and occasional groping. :)

  2. Perhaps inventory chick was doing her version of the bend and snap!

  3. CW<:
    I would have thought (obviously erroneously) that in a production environment dealing with various types of CLOTH and/or other materials, the HUMIDITY would have to be somewhat CONTROLLED...that just makes too damn much sense to me...
    I mean shrink and stretch DO come into play, right?
    And I'll just BET that cleavage shot was worth the "sweat"...
    (unless you start sweating

    (had my share of THOSE in years past)
    Why is it a prerequisite that EVERY single shop boss/manager/supervisor HAS to have so much LESS intelligence than the floor workers anyway?
    (and typcially can't find their ass with both hands?)
    I've seen it all...and then some.
    Only had TWO bosses that really KNEW MORE...and it was great dealing with them.

    Hang tough.
    Stay safe up there.