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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The great Eighties countdown week two

Welcome back, my friends, to my countdown of favorite tunes from the eighties.  We're a long way from the big time, so let's get busy!

280- All those Years Ago, George Harrison, 1981, #2.  A tribute to John Lennon, who we all liked after he was dead.

279- Over The Mountain, Ozzy Osbourne, 1982, #38 Mainstream charts.  I was alway conflicted over listening to the "evil" Ozzy back then.  But the line "Don't need no astrology, it's inside of you and me"  appealed to me.

278- Pride (In The Name Of Love), U2, 1984, #33 and #2 mainstream.  The second of three for U2 on the countdown is their tribute to Martin Luther King.

277- We Didin't Start The Fire, Billy Joel, 1989, #1.  The only BJ album I ever owned was Storm Front.  And despite the novelty of this song (as novelties don't usually hit big with me), it was a good strong lp.

276-  Everybody Wants You, Billy Squier, 1982, #32 and #1 mainstream.  The world loved The Stroke.  We loved all the rest.  One of 3 for Mr. Squier in the countdown.

275- Waiting On A Friend, Rolling Stones, 1981, # 13.  Just a nice, relaxing tune from Mick and the boys. One of four for the Stones.

274- Would I Lie To You, Eurythmics, 1985, #5.  If you'd have told me after I first watched the video to Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This that I would ever like anything by a chick with a red crew-cut, I'd have been both skeptical and wrong.  In fact, we'll see them once more later on.

273-  Roam, B52s, 1989, #3.  Another one that actually snuck in from 1990, but the album, Cosmic Thing, came out in 1989, so it's all good.  They'll be back again as well.

272- Let My Love Open The Door, Pete Townshend, 1980, #9.  The Who's lead guitar hit from his solo lp Empty Glass.

271- Hey Nineteen, Steely Dan, 1980, #10.  From the lp Gaucho.  This is what you get picking up younger women.  One of two from Becker and Fagen on the list.

270- Roll Me Away, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, 1983, #27.  The Distance was one of Bob's Best albums, and this was one of his best tunes on it.  He'll be back two more times.

269- Who Can It Be Now, Men At Work, 1981, #1.  I always thought these guys were one of the best things to come from Australia.

268- Crazy Train, Ozzie Osbourne, 1988, #106, and #9 mainstream.  Hey, there's ol' Oz again!  The second of two times today, and second of three on the list.

267- If You're Gonna Play In Texas, Alabama, 1984, #1 country.  I never cared much for their ballads that crossed over to pop, but let 'em break the fiddle out, and I'm there.

266- In Your Letter, REO Speedwagon, 1981, #20.  Like everyone else back then, we played the crap out of High Infidelity. one of two on the countdown.

265- Darlington County, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, 1984, unreleased.  You knew we had to have some lp cuts on the list, and here's the first, from Born In The USA.

264- Here Comes The Rain Again, Eurythmics, 1984, #4.  Here come the Eurythmics again, with their other song on the countdown.

263- Union Man, Neil Young, 1980, unreleased.  I even had a hard time figuring out which album this was on. (Answer- Hawks And Doves.)

262- Four Little Diamonds, Electric Light Orchestra, 1983, #86.  So you thought you were rid of ELO, did ya?  Well, Did ya?  From Secret Messages, one of six in the countdown.

261- Eminence Front, The Who, 1982, #68, and #5 on mainstream.  Come and join the party, baby.... One of 2 on the countdown.

And there you have another week of hits and oddities from the memory of Martin. Tune in next week to see what I'll dig out next!


  1. Every single one of these songs is a "favorite" because you can't ever have enough favorite songs. Steely Dan especially! When they broke up I was very sad. They had some fantastic songs. Great post!

  2. CWM:
    Billy Squier...fantastic pick.
    Funny, I just played some of his hits the other about prophecy (in the right key, too)...LOL.

    Still have my MEN AT WORK vinyl...
    B-52's ROAM is another goodie, as was BJ's We Didn't start the fire..

    Very good picks this week.

    Stay safe up there
    Seger's ROLL ME AWAY brings back some interesting times.