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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday in the woods...

Woods is really starting to green up now.

A new dirt and stump formation to check out, in an area usually too wet to explore.
We kept hearing rustling in the leaves, and I think it was birds hunting for treats. but it was hard to tell, because the bird in the trees were VERRRRY noisy. Here, hear for yourself:

This was one sweet smelling bush. 

Later, we ended up crossing the mud flats.  There were things there that weren't on our side-

Like these beauties...

...or these guys.  Oh, and a lot more spider webs!

And these, whatever they are!

Man, I was hot!  Thank you, Daddy, for taking me to the river.


Before I go, I point your attention to the little new gizmo over on the right.  This is a portal to a place called Sneakpeeq, which is an innovative online shopping experience with a lot of high-end goodies and a point system involving "peeqs" that (being a man) I didn't quite grasp.  But check the place out, sign up through your Facebook account, and check out all the neat design, food, and fashion treats you can have for your very own.


  1. Another fun filled and exciting Scrappy walk!

  2. What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A beautiful day for a walk! :-)

  4. I am at the ponit tonight when I saw your post and I said "OH! A picture post!"

    And as always, I was not disappointed. :)

  5. CWM:
    Another cool sojourn into that wonderful wooded area near you...I love 'em all.
    Be a great place to "paintball"

    (just thinking out loud here...)

    Stay safe up there