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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday birthday celebration

First let me tell you about our day.  This is, as you know if you read Friday's Time Machine, birthday week.  Which means a trip to Red Lobster to suck down a couple of Ultimate Feasts.  And my compliments, they did a great job.  This is the first time ever I've had crab legs where the meat slid right out the entire meal!

Then it was on to attempt #2 at watching the Avengers.  It grieves me so to not just tell the whole amazing story; suffice it to say that it lived up to the billing.  I've never had people tell me how great a movie was while I was buying tickets before.  I think, though, it's safe to show you Laurie's favorite part-

That, of course is Loki, shortly after explaining to the Hulk that the Hulk shouldn't beat him up as he is a god.

Then Laurie decided she was going to get me a birthday present.  "I don't need one," I protested.  I didn't know she was planning to and I had not idea #1 on how to reciprocate.  But it wasn't a battle I was going to win, so I trudged off in search of something... anything.  And then the music played and the clouds opened... and there they were:

Meet Stan and Jack (because what else are you going to name two somethings purchased right after watching a Marvel Comics movie?).  She's had bamboos before and really likes them because they're so easy to care for and tend to stay away from alcohol and drugs and only need a little pot-ty training (ba-dum-DUM!).  I doubt they be quite the affair that she's aiming to get me, but finding something she likes and hasn't gotten herself is beyond hard, and this was pretty much a home run.

What did she get me?  I don't know yet.  Not surprisingly, Wal-Mart got a fail for not having whatever it is in stock (When do they?  I've never seen a store that is one one hand so full of stuff and on the other so devoid of anything you really want.), so she is at this moment winging her way to Meijers.  Not, however, before she called me from the car and asked if I wanted her to pick me up anything to eat.  It is now about 5 hours since I had a serving of crab legs, a bowl of scampi, four fried shrimp, a lobster tail a salad with ranch, a baked potato with enough butter to make Paula Deen proud, and at least 4 cheddar bay biscuits.  "Are you INSANE?" was my response.

Thus, a much better weekend than last, especially when you throw in her sister and b-in-l taking us out to eat at Chinese buffet for our b-days Friday followed by mixed drinks and a rousing look at  Hope you all had a pleasant Mother's Day, and God bless all you REAL mothers out there, and thank you from the real kids you raised.  Excelsior!

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  1. CWM:
    A good meal, comic book characters mixing it up, and bamboo plants...doesn't get ANY better does it?
    Well, unless Franklins (and Milk Bones for Scrappy) start raining down in your living room for no damn!

    The AVENGERS is already the 12TH highest grossing movie EVER...and it's ONLY been out a month (3 weeks overseas)...not too shabby!!!

    (make a space in the DVD shelf!)
    Glad it made up for the 1st spades!


    Stay safe up there.