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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bucks run, does pose- two walks with Scrappy

The first walk came Saturday afternoon.

We no more got to the woods when THIS started to rumble...

Usually, I don't expect to see anything more than pretty flowers...

But down the ravine trail, we ran into a doe and a buck!  Mr. Deer split, but the Mrs. was most cooperative.

If you click on this to make it bigger, you'll see what I missed- the fawn standing right behind her.

After this, about 1 AM I took trash out and saw Mrs. Fox.  She came up to check me out, then split full speed.  After that, I wasn't expecting anything special on today's walk.

So we noted all the little red berries along the way...

...and pretty flowers...

...but Scrappy insisted there was something more to see/sniff.

Scrappy's favorite dippin' hole was a bit drowned since they shut the splashboards at the dam.  But then I saw something up ahead.  I knew the camera would see it better than I...

It was the Fox!

And he kept coming closer...

...and closer...

...until he figured out what we were, and took off.  We were so excited, we called Laurie right there to tell her.  Then we took about another 20 steps...

...and there was Mrs. Deer, in the old canal!

She leisurely made her way up the road towards the woods.

After that it was back to flowers...

...another dip in the river...

Remember a couple weeks back when it was all mud flats and I took a shot of the fishing spot from the fishes POV?  I was standing where all that water is...

Turtles sunning in the swamp.
By the time we hit the woods on the way home, all we saw was a squirrel, a bicycler, and something that looked a cross between a large mouse with a short tail and a very long-legged hamster scurrying across the ravine floor.


  1. We have a very pregnant doe hanging around our yard. Hope we get to see her fawn. Last year, we had lots of very hungry does and babies due to the drought. Out of the 14 fawns, only 4 made it through the heatwave.

    Love it when you post Scrappy walks.

  2. I so love your walks. :) And so many friends this time! Awesome. We have deer that occasionally eat our hosta. I am never fast enough with the camera.

  3. Woo a deer and a fox I have never seen a deer except in pictures but foxes are another thing have seen a few of them around here not very often the walk you too me on today......

  4. Love your walks and that deer is just beautiful. Her baby is wonderfully camouflaged.

    How exciting to keep seeing her

  5. CWM:
    You got a damn good eye for photography.

    Amazing the deer let you get that close...musta been UP wind from her?

    Excellent photos...very well done.

    Stay safe (and salt-lick-free) up there.

  6. you had a fun walk!! good for you!