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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The last days update.

Today I cut my last fabric- the last of 739 inner bags that will keep the Ft Wayne plant in poly line filters for 2 1/2 years, I'm told.  The rest of the day, almost, I gathered rolls of fabric being sent to the other plants.  For the last 20 minutes, I swept.  And had Bob Seger's  The Famous Final Scene and ELO's It's Over playing in my head.

The racks are coming down.  The furniture from the upstairs office was brought down.  All the cutting table computers save one were packed up.  And yet, corporate sent us a roll of fabric for Target, despite the fact we are no longer cutting ANYTHING, much less Target.    They have been doing this with Lowes as well, and Lowes was lost to us right after the plant closing was announced.  Seems no one has deemed it important to stop the automatic ordering causing this,  due to the sales forcast which no longer applies to us.  My boss went to the plant manager begging her to make it stop.  Last word was that it's become this whole thing, because it's so late in the season and why bother worrying about it?

We got the news that company president Bob will be down to say goodbye next week.  Bob is a dear man and one of the few things about the company that I will regret leaving my life.  He personally loaned me money to get a used car when I was in desperate straits.  I would say he's a saint, but being a Jew may make him something else, though I wouldn't know what the Jewish term for saint is.  (Sorry, forced attempt at humor.)  Regardless, it's what he is.

For a moment before today's final buzzer, I leaned up against a table, chin on my broom, and gave my "emotion-denial" mechanism a chance to catch its breath.  I wondered why I was bothering.  The bell rang, people began the joyous bouncing out, and I wondered how dumb it might be to cry in front of them.

Then I saw that some comic had put a "Overtime Saturday All Employees" sign on the bulletin board, and it became a normal day again for a few minutes.

Just nine more days like this to go.  Maybe.


  1. Ok I read the title of this post and thought what he is dieing I have no idea what is going on with me lets blame it on the head

    Then of course I read the post and of course it isn't about death or the end of the world it is about the hmmmmmmm what was it about again let me go back and have another

    Oh yeah work no wonder it didn't sink in who like thinking about work when they feel like death warmed

  2. Enjoy the jokers who are still finding humor... you will need that to make it to the ninth day.

    When I worked for Warner Brothers, shortly after the AOL merger, AOL decided to close it's store division. I had returned from a 12 week maternity leave with my first child, and that afternoon my boss called me and told me to announce we were closing in 3 weeks.

    It was very sad, but hugely fun in those last few weeks. From racing store fixtures around the store, to autographing titanic memorabilia as we all "went down with the ship". It was still my best job ever, and the best memories I have of all my working years.

    1. OH... and so you know, it was the most financially unsure time of my life... no job, a newborn, and a husband who couldn't hold a job.

      Somehow it all worked out, and I still look back and think it was the best time of my working life. Honest.

  3. Your boss Bob is a "mensch." That's your word.

  4. Thanks, LM.
    Juli,I haven't forgotten your story. I'm putting that end of things in God's hands, but the tears, apparently, are yet mine.
    Joanne: Sorry I'm a bit lazy on the title phraseology. Just trying to avoid the ol' company name lest someone in high places get upset.

  5. I always hated going to work those last few days. Even when I was leaving of my own accord, it just isn't the same being in that weird transitional phase.

  6. Big hugs for you. I can't imagine how stressful and sad this must be for you.
    But I am certain that things will be ok
    Stay strong my friend

  7. May the next 9 days lead you into the best years of your life. Changes are scary and hard. I pray they take you to better places soon.
    Hang in there...

  8. CWM:
    I've been on the "receiving" end of a business closure or two...but I was one of "those" people that managed to "bail our of the plane BEFORE it struck the mountain" (much like Indiana Jones had done in The Temple of Doom).

    It's not that I dislike prolonged (or even protracted) GOODBYES...
    Well, maybe part of it IS.

    I'm an old-fashioned romantic (as Englebert Humperdinck used to sing about - now THERE'S a blast from the past).

    I often wear my heart on my sleeve, and to see ANY company go under, fold, or even merge bothers me greatly, especially when you have folks on board that are "salt-of-the earth" HARD workers who you can always depend upon to get the jobs done.

    Hell, I even worked MYSELF out of a job once...for being TOO GOOD at what I was tasked to do (as a department manager in a plating house in Philly).
    Everyone hates to see you go, but life is like that...and jobs can be like public transit buses - there will always be another one coming along in good time.

    I know that you will trust in GOD to provide, and that HIS will and direction for your future job prospects shall light your path.

    We'll be saying some prayers for you here.
    And never regret a job WELL DONE, even it the job leaves you.

    Stay safe (and strong) up there.