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Friday, June 29, 2012

More pictures, but...

First I'll put my two cents in, briefly, about the Health Care Decision.

Point one, I reposted on Facebook a graphic about the hidden ways we'll be paying for abortion costs.  And I got challenged on it.  Did I respond? Not really.  The challenger would have had a cut-and-paste response for even the most well-researched response so I didn't bother.

So why am I against abortion provisions in this bill?  The same reason my challenger is against prayer in school and creches on courthouse lawns.  Because my belief system is against it, and I believe the Constitution-when interpreted PROPERLY- protects me against it. 

Point two- I believe that any law that will cause ANY employer to drop insurance totally in my lap is wrong.  I believe That ANY law that penalizes me for NOT buying a product which should be MY CHOICE is wrong.

Point three- I can envision a scenario where this causes a job divide between employers rich enough to opt out and those that have to skyrocket costs and cut pay to comply.  I'm 50 years old, just had my plant close, and re-enter the job market after 20 years with the worst job market since the 1930's and a President firmly in denial.  Which job do you think I'LL get stuck with?  I cannot afford a job that gives me the whole bill on health care, I sure the hell can't afford COBRA, and I have SERIOUS doubts that my situation won't be worse in the extreme with this law.

Point four- Obama spends all this time telling the public the mandate is not a tax.  The sources are out there, look 'em up.  Then he has his minions argue it AS an indirect tax before SCOTUS, because he knows it will fail otherwise.  If he talked out both sides of his mouth any more, he'd need two heads.

Point five- So the SCOTUS says, yep, if we don't view it as a tax, it is in violation of the commerce clause.  But as a tax, it's legal.  So yes, your Obama-ness, we'll call it a tax.  HOW THE HELL CAN IT BE BOTH?  If it's unconstitutional in ANY PART, it should be unconstitutional PERIOD.

Point six- the SCOTUS went so far as to say, it's not our job to determine if its a bad law.  We just determine if it's constitutional.  Well, guess what? YOU BLEW THAT, TOO!

Okay, I'm done. On with pictures, before that creep in the White House makes them unconstitutional, too.  First, early morning of the hottest day in my lifetime...

Gotta start out early, whilst you can yet survive.

Yeah, you can tell who gets sprayed every morning...

"The war machine springs to life, opens up one eager eye..."
We saw or heard six deer on this trip.  The first ran through the woods quickly, and gathered a buddy off the back trail before I could focus.  Another was well hidden along ong of the inlets near the IPFW main field.  At the top of the second field, we heard one in the brush that, for a moment, I thought would crash out right in front of us, but no such luck.

Add to this Scrappy peeing on a twig that was right against my ankle, and things weren't going well..
But I can always count on this dark doe to pose for some pics, God bless her!

Then we had two baby coons scamper up seperate trees.  Thanks to being aligned with the sun, having trouble focusing, and Big Chief-Piss-On-Shoe jerking around, I had little luck at snapping them.

"Well, hello good neighbor!"

The other deer was holed up in her favorite spot under the old bridge.  She reacted faster than me, so this is all I got.

The we met the fattest ground hog in the area...
I have been trying to get shots of Goldfinches, Cardinals, and Blue Jays (Because when it comes down to it, once you've gotten the Barn Swallows and Mourning doves, everyone else kinda looks the same), but they are actively uninterested in posing.  So combine fast moving bird, finger accidentally on the flash pillar which wants to come up, and doofy dog wanting to move on, and what do you get?


This morning, though, I managed to catch a cardinal unawares.

Ms. Deer wasn't under the bridge, but you can see she had a bed here...

And one golfinch finally decided to pose!

Today we added the fattest squirrel in the forest.

Showdown- two against one...

And our contestants...


  1. That is the biggest groundhog I have ever seen.


    I think we will agree to disagree on many parts of the healthcare issue. But I will say this... I live in Massachusetts, where healthcare is already a mandate, has been for years. The proposed tax penalty that would be in full effect by 2016 is LESS than what it is now in our state. However, we live in a state that has a low cost state healthcare system (provided you can navigate the paper work and wait it out the two years that it takes to be approved) and I honestly can't say that a federal mandate would not work in a state that doesn't have that in place.

    And ALL of this was put in place, endorsed, and pushed by MITT ROMNEY when he was in office here. So to say that he suddenly thinks this is a bad idea is CRAP.

    There are lots of sides to this issue, and even if we were actually able to read the entire thing proposed, I don't think there would ever be a happy medium. A lot of things are broken in this country, this may not be the fix, but at least it's something.

  2. Now if you can just catch a Pope unawares.....
    Good call about not engaging in a tiresome "Facebook Spat." While I agree with you 100% and disagree with Juli almost 100% (but I still think she's swell and who-or is that 'whom'?-I'll visit just as soon as I leave here, I won't get all into it because I just want to have some fun (like making dopey "Pope" cracks).
    But you keep doing so. Because I enjoy reading.
    Okay, Juli....I'm shifting over to you....

    1. So we are in agreement to agree to disagree. I think the Pope would like that...


    2. And I'm really cool with that. Glad I found your blog.
      Oh...CW? Sorry. You can have you blog back. I'll be hopping over to Juli's now.

  3. as I have no idea about the first part of this post, I am going to focus on your walk. Love the pics, even the blurry ones and am totally in favour of more raccoon shots. Pretty please.

  4. I find it hard to believe I live in a country that would force people to buy insurance but not force people to show they are citizens... makes me sad.

  5. CWM:
    BRAVO on your points made...every single, solitary ONE of them...EPIC!!!

    Love the travelogue, too (always do).
    You find the dangdest critters up there!
    If they ain't FAST, they're fat..or peeing...LOL.

    Fantastic journey.
    Woulda commented sooner, but...
    (who turned off the Internet?)

    Stay safe up there.

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