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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pimping, pupping, and other stuff

For those of you that enjoyed the little video last night of Miss Deer consuming the scenery, I should point out that she was also just off the parking lot at 5 AM when we left for work yesterday, as well as heading that way at about 5:50 this morning when Scrappy spotted her from the bedroom window.  She's getting WAY too comfortable out this way...

And for those of you doing the math and saying, "Hey, he said they left for work at 5 AM one day, but was at the bedroom window 50 minutes later today?"  there's a reason for that.  Remember how I said a few days ago that we got the option to leave work at 2:30 Thursday and Monday?  Tuesday it became, "You can leave whenever you want, just let your supervisor know.  You don't even have to come in, just call before six.  But this doesn't count next week when we do inventory for two days."  Inventory? Hell, everything will be shipped out by then!  All we'll have to inventory by then will be cracks in the floor, stuff we don't feel like keeping, and the 20 skid or so of 5-10 year old fabric that nobody wants (nor ever did, apparently).  So when Laurie was feeling poorly this morning, I just called us both off.  Besides, I'm waiting on a call from corporate about the 401k.

Next off, I'm going to pimp out Nain from Viewfromdownhere, Not only because she is interesting, intelligent, and has the cutest four-month-old daughter, but she linked up to a site called Tagxedo, where you can give them the url to your favorite social media page, and it will check out your most used words, and with a little encouragement come out with this:

Innit cool?

Next up, I must pimp out Hey Monkey Butt, the latest person to send me love from The Great Postcard Campaign.   She sent me a cool pic of Stone Mountain, GA.  For the uninformed, (Get outta line, Bobby G.) this is the Confederate "Mt. Rushmore", with the images of Jeff Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson carved into its side. Hmmm, I always thought there were four of them!  Learn something new every day.

Okay, so I need to go fetch some sinus spray; if I think of anything else, I'll be back.....

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