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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

and more random stuff

Here's some random addendums:

I actually have done something with my Twitter account.  No, I really don't know what I'm doing, but the beat writer for the Reds, John Fay, tweets good info on the team and I thought I'd "get active" just in case I wannna ask him something.

Speaking of baseball, today Milwaukee blew a 5-1 lead, tied the game with the Phillies, and then took the lead only to give up two in the tenth to lose 7-6.  Last night they had a 6-1 lead in the ninth and gave up 6 in the 9th to lose, 7-6.  The night before, they had a 6-2 lead at one point, and were up 6-3 when the Phils scored 4 in the 9th and won.. err... 7-6.  I sense a pattern here...

Time to weigh in on the Chik-Fil-A nonsense.  For those who don't know here's the idiot's guide:  Owner of chicken resturant tell interviewer that he is in favor of one-man-one-woman marriage.  Boston mayor says, you're not allowed to have that opinion here, you'll never build a resturant in Boston again.  Now former Obama head-of-thugs and current Chi-town mayor Rahm Emmanuel says he'll do likewise, that this statement does not reflect "Chicago values".  I don't know what cracks me up more, that the LGBT community (or at least those who pander to them) are so upset about his statement, which is after all his opinion and his right to say, or the statement that Chicago has a code of values.  Not the people, understand, but any government the city has had since Al Capone.  (Oh, Capone wasn't the "government"?  Coulda fooled me.)  Certainly the thought that Rahm has any kind of value system would be a surprise.  What does anger me a bit about the whole thing is that left alliance of liberal/gay/atheist thought complains every time I deal with them that they are being persecuted by mainstream religion.  And yet, a business owner gets rode outta town on a rail because he doesn't share the same "values" as they do.  These people don't have any issue with persecution, they only want to be the persecut-ors.

Next up, here's some more fun in Washington.  First, we have this story in which the House democrats are holding things up in a fit of pique.  The GOP congressmen put together a bill that made it to the verge of a final vote with a typo (forgeting to put the "un" on "unemployment") which the republicans, having it pointed out, asked for unanimous consent to fix it.  But the Democrat Whip told them no way, send it back to conference committee to get it fixed.  Then there's this one, where a Dem statesman from Wisconsin is ready to tear apart the party majority they just one in their baby recall elections because he wants to head a committee more important than "Small Business and Tourism".

This government doesn't need a president, it needs child care!!  And I'm not slamming one party here, they are all a buncha babies at this point.


  1. Ok I looked at the picture and thought this is about some big baby but which big baby since the world is full of big babies......and it turns out it is the government and should I be surprised maybe but am I no I am not the government all governments are full of big babies.....

    1. Yes they are, Jo-Anne. And it ain't just here or there. How many times do we see a fistfight in the legislature of some podunk country. Maturity is certainly on the wane in politics.

  2. AGREED!But I think the last four years has been a bit more contentious because although a great number of those making our laws are loathe to admit it they can't stand the fact that a man of mixed race [one part FAR outweighing the other] has been elected to the White House. They're closet racists and if they can't have the whiteness in the White House they are going to make it as difficult as they can with their childish shennanigans. And the other party has lowered itself to participate in the playground wars.

    Sigh...sorry, I don't usually talk politics, but it has gotten ridiculous.

    How about those Nats, eh? :D I'm so happy, then again I have seen them blow leads like that too - or be losing the whole game only to tie it up in the ninth, make me suffer through a few more innings and lose anyway. Grrrrr...but I'll take it. It may not last forever, but first place is tasting awfully sweet nowadays. :)

    1. Skip, you may be right, but I haven't seen that. I think Jesus would be treated the same if He were with "the other party". I would like to believe that we're big enough not to be against a politician just because of race or gender, but I live in a city where three out of the last four mayoral elections involved a highly qualified female candidate being defeated by an Asshole incumbent, so I could be wrong.

  3. You're right, they need kindercare. I don't want that job though, bunch of brats! In regards to the chicken thing, like church and state, only let's seperate chicken and church , or state. Whatever. Yummy chicken!! I don't care one way or another but don't judge me because I eat chicken. Sorry, America is over sensitive and a bunch of brats! Arg!