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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Everyone's talking about... care this morning.  What do I have to say about health care?  I say $372 a month for COBRA is INSANE!  (No, that's not an acronym, it just means fergeddaboutit!)  I say $150 a month for a frickin' $10,000 deductable and no office visits for $150 per is a waste of my time.  And Obama wants to tax me if I say, "Just let me drop dead"?  I think I have a sign for him somewhere...

Ah, there it is!  As a result, I'm not going to say another word.  I'll just put up some pictures.

Finally got Mr. Cardinal to pose.  (You didn't really think I was going to shut up, didja?)

"Kell Drilling"?  As hot as it was, I thought it said "HELL Drilling"!
The story here, I learned this morning, is that one of the wells they use for the irrigation sprayers went dry.  "Then they drilled another one," the guy from Purdue told me, "But they drilled it the same depth as the first one."
"So no water?"
"No water.  It's been... fun..."
More of the mess down "Dead Tree Road..."

New all natural guardrail over at the ravine.  Must have been an OSHA storm.

Here's a toll gate at the new trail.  "Pay yer health care penalty tax here..."

Just to show how big that tree that cracked in two on the ravine trail was...

We pass this every walk.  Makes you wonder what made it grow like that...

Sunrise over the ol' homestead

6:30 AM.  Nobody out but us and the birds.

Scrappy investigates a deer bed near our "secret entrance".

He's got a scent... probably his feet...

At last, SOMEBODY willing to pose...

Moon over the forest...

Here's Scrappy and a butterfly.  See it?

How about now?

Can you see me now? Good!

Then we ran into this guy.  Never saw one before.

An Eastern Kingbird.

So mean, their species name is Tyrannus Tyrannus.  Actually will beat up blue jays.

No wonder I can never get one to pose.  Hey, lay off the jays!


  1. CWM:
    Amother fine photo-adventure...I love the OSHA barrier and the "toll-gate"..LOL!

    Never saw a KINGBIRD until TODAY...well done.

    And those moon shots are powerful is that ZOOM of yours, anyway?

    Be'cha love this cool down, right?
    (goodfor morning strolls)

    Stay safe up there.

    1. Bob, depends on how much I crop the pic. And yes, the cool is better. Stop by the cap blog in a bit and see the ancient Bud I just scored.

  2. When I had the Cobra option it was $673 a month. *sigh*

    That tree that fell is huge!

    1. Yeah, the $372 is individual, 675 for a spouse, just under 1000 for a family.

  3. At those prices it's less expensive to pay the penalty!!! Dear goodness!! I can't remember the name of the company, but if you shop around there are some independent insurance companies with decent coverage and rates. I paid like $85 a month, had a $500 deductible, and $60 copay for office visits, but that's been a few years back. There's no telling what their rates will be now. Especially after this Obamacare nonsense.

  4. The Health Care Industry plays God with people's lives. I say we need universal health care in America. Nationalize the health care megaconglomerate and make all its employees civil service. Eliminate profiteering on the health and the lives of Americans.

  5. Replacing Vishnu with Shiva (Nifty metafor for many manifestations of one god, eh?) doesn't fix the problem. One of the things i've heard over and over which I think is wise, is "If we cannot afford health care, medicine, and insurance, what makes one think we can afford health care, medicine, insurance, AND a government bureaucracy to administer it?" Roland, I agree that something needs to be done. I would further agree that the GOP needs to stop passing meaningless repeal bills through the House and get on to productive work UNTIL such time that this monstrousity can be repealed, actually looked at bit by bit (Unlike the Pelosi method)and the changes that WILL help can be passed.If we have to make Reid and Boehner sit outside until people with common sense come up with workable solutions that we can all live with, so be it. But if my choices are COBRA, the individual plan I described above, or get "taxed" by an admninistration that swore they would not raise MY taxes, I say what right have they to tax me for NOT purchasing a product? I believe that to abridge my inalienable rights.

    BTW, I have little sympathy for the health care "industry". I know you live on the other side of the border, but you should see the palace that Parkview calls a hospital they just built on I-69 and Dupont in Ft. Wayne.