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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Here's some more random stuff...

A note to the lady two cars ahead of us at the Pizza Hut turn-in:  When you have cars behind you on a semi-busy street, it is not proper etiquette to stop just after pulling in to determine whether the parking spot twenty feet ahead of you is acceptable.  The people waiting to get past the dude behind you- whose ass you forced to be in the middle of the street- and those behind us- who are waiting to get in as well- would appreciate if you stop formulating your parking strategem and JUST PULL IN.  Thank you.

Next, I may not have a job right now, but when I do, I try to do it concientiously and safely.  Thus people like that deputy I posted about yesterday (Duh, I wonder if'n I shoulda secured the road before leaving the scene, seeing's as all those people hit the horses after I left) really piss me off.  Here's another example:  It seems that color-blind Joker James Holmes sent a notebook filled with his massacre plans to a psychiatrist at the U. of Colorado, which arrived- apparently- at the university A WEEK AGO THURSDAY, but wasn't discovered until he received a similar (though not related) package and reported it to the police.  Lawmen then decided to look further into the U's mailroom and found the notebook -still in the campus mailroom- 12 days after it was delivered to the mailroom and 4 days after the massacre.  Every job is important, lowly mailroom people.  If some one at the Colorado mailroom had done theirs, 12 people might still be alive.  Think about that the next time you blow off something on YOUR job.

Seeing's as the only customer at the new bird feeder we've seen has been that squirrel*, I got another feeder, one of those bell-shaped jobbies.  We'll see if that helps.  At least we might get more rain.

*The squirrel hasn't been back since the end of that little adventure.  I took Scrappy to the door to get him to look at the varmint.  I took him outside.  He would not look up.  I took him up to our room, so he could look down.  Still he refused to see.  Then the dumbbutt squirrel just about fell off the feeder, hanging on for dear life and finally scrambling up onto the shed.  That's when Scrappy finally saw him and gave him a few blasts of the "beagle bugle".  Squirrel saw him in the window, took off and hasn't been back.

I do have a couple pictures from today's stroll.

Empty turtle shell Scrappy found.  Guess Mr/Mrs Fox had a good meal.

I think that's Mrs. Meany.  Saw both of them this morning.

And we caught a glimpse of the two fawns!

Scrappy tangled on a limb, hot on the scent just like Closeau.

Some of the trail has at last been cleared.


  1. I always enjoy the pics of your Scrappy walks.

    We have some of those pull in and stop drivers around here, mainly blue hairs.

    It is heartbreaking and maddening to think that some tragedies could be prevented if people would take pride in a job well done.

  2. Ohhh, I'm sorry, but heads better be rolling at that University mail room. I am suddenly fearful of a movie theater now, realizing just how contained a group of people are in those little theaters.

    And I despise parking lots. And anything that happens in them.

  3. Thank you for taking me on such a lovely brisk walk through the woods today and I even got to see a deer.....

  4. I heard the news on the package, that's crap! Dang people and their slackness! Loving the photos and the cute deer. Awes!