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Thursday, July 19, 2012

If I'd have known all it took was to hang a bird water bowl...

It started with a minimal bit (eighth of an inch or so) when I brought the feeder and water bowl home.  About 2:30 AM, the weather radio went off.  North of us, though.  Then at 6 AM, thunder and blessed rain.

So, yeah, had I known putting out water for the birds was all it took, I'd have done it months ago!

OOps, forgot I was going to share this with you:
Nice of Obama to concede THAT, huh?  See, and that's the problem.  He sees the government as Big Daddy, taking the ignorant unwashed masses by the hand and guiding them where they belong.  WE view things that the government provides (infrastructure et al) as building blocks provided which we use to build pieces of the life WE choose for OURSELVES.  Big difference there, sir.

Oh, and I recently had a bloggy friend request a Facebook friendship.  I've seen others do this, but have been a bit ambivalent.  Perhaps it's overcompartmentalization, or the fact that I do my facebooking on Laurie's page, or that we mainly use it to comment and not so much updating status (since we lead such sedentary lives), or that Laurie plays Words With Friends.  But in the interest of not being a neo-luddite, I'll give you all this one-time chance to be our facebook buddies.  Just click here and I assume you will be magically whisked to a place which will allow you to send a friend request.  Just be sure to send a note of who you is if it ain't clear from your blogoverse handle.  Otherwise I might confuse you with the distant relative of some friend's sister and ignore it.


  1. A couple of weeks ago I deactivated my Facebook account so I will not be taking you up on your one-time offer.

  2. I am so glad you got rain!

  3. Solo glad you got rain as well. I do not mix my blot with facebook as most of my family has no idea I write.

  4. hmmmm... I mix blog friends with fb friends... as you are no doubt aware *wink*...some of the nicest people I have ever met, I met thru my blog!

    Happy you got rain!

  5. Really did not know that bird feeders will bring rain. I thought it might have been a squirrel or a raccoon you attracted

    1. Squirrels only show up if you run up a tree and act like a nut.

  6. I too have gotten myself in the Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, Hotmail, and Yahoo email maelstrom. Thank goodness I don't work during the summer. Otherwise, I'd never have time to do anything.
    But, hey, I'll jump on the Facebook friend thing, too. You may notice my Facebook persona is a LITTLE different (not much, though). Blogger is actually my refuge.
    After Words With Friends.

  7. You were really out there doing the rain dance weren't you? Did a little dance when you got the feeders up?! Hey, don't be ashamed, it worked!