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Friday, July 6, 2012

A lot of thises and thats

Story number one: I think I know why the bucks led us on a merry chase the other day.  On the morning of the 4th, we saw a less-than-day-old fawn, still walking like it was wondering how these damn legs work, going into the trail out our back door.  Later, we went out and saw where mama had made a bed that night just off the trail.

Story number two: The phone interview I had went very well.  In fact, the lady pointed me to a different posting she just put up that was more up my line and paid two dollars more.  That position led me to an in-person interview today.  That also went well, but this is a place that has the whole gang interview you one at a time, so I'll be waiting for the next call.

I had to bail on the in-person Thursday.  The dude gave the impression that your work week was going to normally fall between 20 and 35 hours, with an outside range of 10 on the low and 39 on the high.  Plus, you get raises the faster you work (which means the more you're paid, the less you get).  Did meet a very nice lady there, and had to chuckle at how the five of us in the interview followed instructions:  You were supposed to be in "business casual", and be there 10-15 minutes early.  The lady I mentioned was at a "need the money to get the clothes" point.  The next girl was dressed BC like me, but the fourth dude was a young'un in a button-down long sleeve with a tie.  The last guy was 5 minutes late.  And me?  I had to go to Meijer twice for black no-skid shoes (once to buy them, once to retreive them from the shopping cart in the parking lot where I forgot them).

Story number three: I haven't been doing a lot of my scam e-mail posts lately, mainly because the scammers haven't really hit anything clever lately.  Another Benin Republic through DHL that rode in through somebody's account on; one hitting $1.8 million on the "Commonwealth Lottery Board";one that starts out, "Hi My name is Eddy alexzardar. I am a private lender who give out loan to private and corporate individuals. " and wants to loan me money at 3% interest; another couple claiming to be comcast, one saying our account was "on hold", and another trying to convince me I needed to get with them to remove a virus; an old Nigerian standard, with 10.8 million waiting for me from "The National Central Bureau of Interpol enhanced by the United Nations and Federal Bureau of Investigation";  One from "Miss Candy Rosin" telling me I won 3/4 of a million pounds in the BBC One Lottery; a really chincy one that is only offering a "free iMac, iPhone, or iPad"; One from a "Christian" in Nigeria who just HAD to tell me someone was sitting on my funds over there.

I did get one kinda original one, back in April, that went like this:

 Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to notify you that you have been chosen by the Board of THE ICC Cricket, U.K as one of the final recipient to receive

cash grant/donation for economic development, and poverty alleviation. new year award. 2012 THE ICC Cricket U.K ,is giving

out £500,000.00 (Five hundred thousand Pounds Sterling ) to 5,international recipients worldwide for Business

development, charitable work, and poverty eradication.

Now, I'll leave it to you which is more surprising: whether I (who is currently unemployed) should be thr recipient of a grant to alleviate poverty, or that the UK's governing body for the sport of cricket is giving it out.  But a week or so ago, I really got a prize winner. 



Church Town Near New Housing Colony II

Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu 635001 INDIA.

Ph:+919953637028 Email;




We hereby plied in the name of the lord to the general public and to whom all the work of God is concerned, in helping us raising the sum of above mentioned money in building our church for God , the good work of God in Asia, India requires the help of all churches, private sectors and those that believe that there is God, should please help us in raising this fund for our new church building projects. [Hosea 10;12,psalm 29;1-2] sow to yourself in righteousness and ripe in mercy break up your fallow ground for it is time to seek the lord till he come and reign righteousness upon you. You can partake in this wonderful project for our lord Jesus Christ by donating whole heatedly, whatever you have in your pocket for the lord of host [ Luke 6;38] give and it shall be given unto you good measure pressed down and shaken together and running over shall men give unto your bosom, for with the measure that ye mete withal it shall be measure to you again.

This is to have a convenient place of worship for the lord in India and around the whole some Asian continent, for donation contact the general sec. and treasurer on this mail: for the pay in from all around the world,God loves cheerful givers.


Mrs Gloria wisdom.

I would think that Mrs. Gloria Wisdom might be a little more particular about her "found raising" tactics, but I gotta admit, building a Church as a scam is different...

Story number four: last night I had a dream about the plant closing again.  It ended up with the start of an ELO tune, one that sounded like a blend of Strange Magic and the best cuts off Out Of The Blue.  So, at 6:30 this morning, I wrote the lyrics to the tune, trying to make them fit both MY emotions of the dream and dreams about lost romances.  So, without further ado...


We move along just like nothing ever ended
go through the motions, ignore emotions
We refuse to see the signs all around us
The carpet's worn; just dig up the floor

I try to pack away the day, the night always comes
just like old realities, it seems, are my dreams
We huddle just like kids 'round the dregs of the fire
and scream a bit... find something to hit

And it fades just like a summer in September
and it dies just like it always did before
the leaves are brown and blown around by the weather
           and I wake up
           and it's all gone...

God, I don't want to dream the end every evening
to see it all again, participate in yet another end
How many times must I watch the same old nightmare
Lord, it seems so wrong, why can't you just let her
be gone...

And it fades just like a summer in September
and it dies just like it always did before
The sheep are in the wool, the cattle in the leather
        and I wake up...

And the chorus fading...
and the chorus fading...
Packed up and gone away
I don't want to dream that dream one more time
can't you just
say, Goodbye...


  1. SO glad you alerted me. I was just going to help found the church building project!

  2. Hope that next call comes soon!

  3. I started reading this today and my mind went kind of numb and I kept reading the same bit over and over how bloody frustrating and after I finished I couldn't remember what I read so I am going back and having another go at reading it and if I fail this time I will just

    Damn there are some odd scams out there me I am always so untrusting and that I am married to such a tight ass that I don't get sucked into

  4. Hope all goes well with your job interviews - good luck! :-)

  5. The job interviews are sounding promising so I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
    Scams are always entertaining,although like you, I haven't had any new ones lately.

  6. CWM:
    Gee, you get the interesting scam/spam emails...nothing like the daily "F$cbook" ones I get from Australia to Mexico to Poland...and back again.
    Or the "Canadian Meds" that emanate from EVERYWHERE ELSE on the planet BUT CANADA (who knew?)

    -- The job search is always the hardest part, but you have to remember that THEY are not just interviewing IS a "TWO-WAY" street there...YOU have to "interview" THEM as well (many times without letting them know as much).

    All in God's time...not necessairy ours...that you can depend upon.

    Stay strong, stay focused.
    Stay safe up there.