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Thursday, July 12, 2012

An open letter (actually, a sent letter), and some pics.

Dear Asphalt Care, Inc:
I would like it if you would point out to your crew that was working just west of St. Vincent’s school and church on Wallen Road aprox. 11:30 AM on 7/11/2012 that it would be a good idea to have a flagman working when you block an entire lane at the top of a blind hill. Unless of course you are shooting for accidents, wrongful death suits, etc. I realize your one worker who was actually working was busy, but the two that were standing off to the side discussing whatever while watching him work, might have been better employed in this critical piece of required safety work. Regards, CW Martin
And now, this morning's walk:
Scrappy insisted that SOMETHING was on this stump... sometime...

She was just laying there, enjoying the day.  Never got up once.

I thought maybe that she had the fawn with her, but pictures don't lie.

"I still SEEEE you..."

Oh, and Mr. Meanie was around again.



  1. Great letter, and only 3 on a road crew? We usually have a lot more standing around and watching.
    That deer is so pretty

  2. CWM:
    Another great adventure in the "near'wilderness".

    Sunday's J-G paper has a decent article by Rick Kemmery (sp?) who is an expert on trees and all other nice green stuff.
    (works for Purdue horticulture Dept)

    He talks about WHY all thse SILVER MAPLES are NO GOOD for an urban environment (this last storm and some your pictures back him up 100%, too).

    But, back in the 60s and 70s, the city "knew better"...and how has that worked out for people in the aftermath of the storm, anyway?

    Good old government...they ALWAYS know what WE "need"...don't they?

    ((rolls eyes))

    wonderful pictures as that camera of yours.

    Stay safe (and happy shutter-bugging) up there.