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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pokagon day trip 2012

Pokagon State Park on lovely Lake James.

First, a cool morning hike...


Nature center ahead!

In case you didn't know, I love maps!

All my pics of the Baltimore Orioles at the feeders were crappy.

House wren.

Squirrel under glass- the latest gourmet sensation.

And whilst I was chasing birds...

Laurie was inside with the turtles...


...hognosed snakes...

...and Massagua rattlers.

Laurie outside the nature center.

Me looking thoughtfully into the forest.

This dude was a real ham!

"Vault toilet"?  Is that for "Safe" urination?

Squirrels were constantly bombing us with half-eaten acorns- until I took a pic and threatened to sue.

Laurie saw this small stump that looked like it had a panda's face.  If it was the Virgin Mary, I'd have dug it up and put it on eBay.

Laurie SAYS that's a chip hanging out of her mouth, but I think she just stuck her tongue out at me!

Minnows.  I about ate two of 'em when I went swimming.

Something hit my foot, and I thought the squirrels were at it again.  Instead, it was this frog leaping out of nowhere.

Then we went paddleboating.

The hotel at Pokagon.  Remind me to tell you about my neice's wedding there someday.

Usually there's a buttload of seagulls about.  Today, this guy was the only one.

Laurie met this guy upon our return from the open sea.  What is it with her and snakes?  You'd think she's Eve or something.

Before I get done, I'd better put these two posers on.  They did such a fine job...


  1. Another lovely walk, thanks for sharing.. Not sure what Laurie likes about snakes.I think the only good snake is a dead snake. Living here on the river I get my share, don't tell anyone but I sometimes shoot them.

  2. The snakes are pretty cool and I love the squirrels, so cute.
    What a great trip for you to take. The lake looks awesome

  3. Looks like an awesome day! I am jealous of everything except the snakes. :)

  4. Pokagon State Park is so beautiful. I have always enjoyed my visits there. Thanks for bringing the beauty to my eyes once again.