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Friday, July 20, 2012

Some good, some bad

Today was our day-trip to Syracuse and the lakes.  It was 66 degrees and spitting rain when I got up.

Lovely day to go to the lake, eh?

Along the way, a rainbow!  But looks can be deceptive.

Then, suddenly, blue skies!!!

Arriving at Syracuse Lake- beach, trails, so I was led to believe.  But I pretty much had the whole beach in the picture, and as for the trails...

... well, it was all SIDEWALK!  This rock pretty much said it all.

I held out hope because Hoy's beach was along our "trail".  And here it is...

...that's right, a 20-feet-wide strip of land between two properties.

As I waited to see if the tree was actually going to turn right, I told Laurie, "I don't think Syracuse is going to come off real well on the blog."

Oh, and I was promised a boardwalk!  Here it is- all 40 feet of it.  On a channel, no less.

Now, this tiny little kiosk is where we ate- actually beneath it, as the Down Under Bar and Grill was, actually, down under.  Not bad for only having one dude working.

So we moved on to Lake Wawasee at North Webster.  The first thing we see is Dixie the paddlewheeler.  We were too early for the tour, though.

Their town park was much nicer, if not much bigger.

And yeah, I hadda get in.  Water was nice and warm, never mind what Laurie said.  ("Chilly")

So we dangled feet and watched the waves for a while.

CHRIS:  Is that a turd?  LAURIE: Ewww!!  It was just a float off a seaweed clump.  We saw a bunch of them...

...including this one, which looked like a dancing guy.  Here, let me show you...

On the way, we saw a sign that said "Point Of Interest, 1/2 mile".  A half-mile later, we saw a sign that said "Point Of Interest" Next to a well at the side of the road.  Apparently an artesian well, with "plenty of parking" nearby.  Much like the beach at Syracuse "Interest" and "plenty" were relative terms.


I'm not going to say a lot about the sad scene at Aurora, CO, or the walking brain-death that did it.  I will however, sink my claws into this story:

As the story began to break, ABC News' "chief investigative reporter" Brian Ross came out with this o-so-helpful comment on-air:

During the network’s breaking news coverage of the shooting at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, Ross stated that there is a “Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado page on the Colorado Tea Party site as well, talking about him joining the Tea Party last year. Now we don’t know if this is the same Jim Holmes, but this is Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado.”

Later, Ross clarified his reporting, saying: “An earlier report that I had was incorrect that he was connected with the Tea Party in fact that’s a different Jim Holmes. He was not connected to the Tea Party and what we do know about him is he is a 24 year old white male who went to Colorado for a PHD.”

Any high school freshman on the school paper knows you don't inject something like that into a story unless you know the P's and Qs.  This was no mistake- this was yet another cheap shot by the masters of same, the liberal media.  A deliberate attempt to cast aspersions onto the "enemy".  Oh, he knew what he was doing, and in a perfect world Colorado Tea Party member Jim Holmes ought to be able to sue ABC News out of existance for libel.  Of course we know that won't happen, but I sure hope Ross' Karma bank gives him an "insufficient funds" penalty.

But, y'know?  This is all the liberal PR machine is good for anymore.  And I know I have readers who'll say (as they lurk) that, hey look what the GOP is doing with this 'You didn't build that' thing.  And I have an answer for them.
1. I have read the whole speech, and the quote is MILDLY out of context.  But it points out, no matter how you slice it, that there is a clear divide between conservative and liberal concepts of government.  Conservatives see government as providing building blocks to enable businesses to grow.  Does the building block build the business? Not effin' hardly.  The liberal side believes, as Obama does, that the role of government (as I posted just a day ago)  is "as Daddy, taking the ignorant unwashed masses by the hand and guiding them where they belong.  "

2. WAKE UP!  we're really going to compare political jousting with using a tragedy of this scale to score cheap points!?  Gimme a break!  The liberal side is replete with out and out LIARS and SCUM like Ross and David Axelrod, and while I draw electronic breath, this blog IS GOING TO EXPOSE YOU!

3. I know there are good hearted liberals out there, who believe in their causes just like conservatives do theirs.  As long as you are truthful, you have nothing to fear from me.  You may believe what you wish, because in the end, those that are TRULY working for the good of this nation, whether they agree or not, are going the same way (eventually).  Some of you may use worn out phrases like "Obama Basher" against me, and as long as you recognize I have a consciencious reason to do so, go ahead and be childish. (though remember, you do set yourself up for jabs from me for it!)  Brian Ross is a scum who took information he KNEW to be unvetted and used it with no other intent than to attack political enemies.  HE is a liar. He I shall nail.

4. Mitt Romney, I know that you would be, in my mind and heart, a THOUSAND times better for this country than the LIAR in the White House.  But, keep in mind- I'm watching you, too.


  1. Glad to see you had an interesting and plentiful time.

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  3. Poor Syracuse. At least you got to spend quality time together. :)

    When tragedy hits the news often loses its mind more than usual.
    So sad for the victims and their families.

  4. CWM:
    Love the trip you guys made..loked like fun (even with the clumps in the water...(what? NO blue-green algae?)
    And as to the "spin" with the libtards and AUrora, CO...knew it was going to happen...just needed to know HWEN.

    And yes, I'm watching Romney, too...

    "Bad" can come from BOTH sides of the aisle these days.

    Excellent post and pictures.

    Stay safe up there.