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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The great eighties countdown week 12

Four more weeks to go with this one, folks! the end of the journey nears.

80- Der Kommissar, After The Fire, #5, 1982.  Peer in his eyes, and you'll know why/the more you live, the faster you will die...

79- Sister Christian, Night Ranger, #5, #2 Mainstream Rock, 1984.  Their big breakthrough hit.

78- Things Can Only Get Better, Howard Jones, #5, 1984.  A dude that deserved better here, but was much bigger in the UK.  One of those guys I liked everything from.

77- One Thing Leads To Another, The Fixx, #4, 1983.  The one and only time in 8 years of keeping my own top ten that I matched the top four number for number, this was #4.  It went on to #1 on mine.

76- Allentown, Billy Joel, #17, 1983.  Far and away my favorite BJ tune.

75- All Over The World, ELO, #13, 1980.  From the Xanadu sound track.

74- Only Time Will Tell, Asia, #17, #8 MSR, 1982.  Had I been listening to this when I made up the list, it might have copped a top 20.  A great tune from a great album.

73- Misunderstanding, Genesis, #14, 1980.  Certainly charted much higher here in Fort Wayne.  Genesis and ELO generally did.

72- Almost Hear You Sigh, Rolling Stones, #50, #1 MSR.  This is the song I bought Steel Wheels for.  Next to Miss You, my favorite Stones song.

71- Driver 8, REM, #22 MSR, 1985.  One of my favorite sing-alongs, if only on the chorus.

70- Veronica, Elvis Costello, #19, #10 MSR.  A neat look into someone the world judges as crazy.  The song I bought Spike for; not near as good a purchase as Steel Wheels.

69- Rock And Roll Is King, ELO, #19, 1983.  After the sythesiser-heavy stuff from the last lp, this- even without a string section- was a breath of fresh air.

68- My Hometown, Bruce Springsteen, #6, 1985.  The last of seven singles from Born In The USA, none of which charted lower than #9.  My part is when he puts his son on his lap at the end.

67- Rain On The Scarecrow, John Mellencamp, Unreleased, 1985.  My favorite Mellencamp, and by far his most powerful statement.

66- In The Dark, Billy Squier, #35, #7 MSR, 1981. Another act who was more popular here, at least among my group.

65- 99 Balloons, Nena, #2, 1984.  I loved it as much in German as in English. By the way, you wonder what the German Lyrics really say?  Check it out:

Have you some time for me,
then I'll sing a song for you
about 99 balloons
on their way to the horizon.
If you're perhaps thinking about me right now
then I'll sing a song for you
about 99 balloons
and that such a thing comes from such a thing.

99 balloons
on their way to the horizon
People think they're UFO's from space
so a general sent up
a fighter squadron after them
Sound the alarm if it's so
but there on the horizon were
only 99 balloons.

99 fighter jets
Each one's a great warrior
Thought they were Captain Kirk
then came a lot of fireworks
the neighbors didn't understand anything
and felt like they were being provoked
so they shot at the horizon
at 99 balloons.

99 war ministers
matches and gasoline canisters
They thought they were clever people
already smelled a nice bounty
Called for war and wanted power.
Man, who would've thought
that things would someday go so far
because of 99 balloons.

99 years of war
left no room for victors.
There are no more war ministers
nor any jet fighters.
Today I'm making my rounds
see the world lying in ruins.
I found a balloon,
think of you and let it fly (away).

64- Turn It On Again, Genesis, #58, 1980.  Another great cut from duke.  Hit #8 in the UK.  Being a big soap opera fan at the time, this one hit home big.

63- Hold On Tight, ELO, #10, 1981.  Was neat to hear this get commercial-jingle love a few years back, for coffee I think.

62- Taking It All Too Hard, Genesis, #50, 1984. This might be the mother of all How-did-this-chart-this-low moments.  And now that Genesis and ELO have taken 30% of this week's slots, we wind up with...

61- Abracadabra, Steve Miller Band, #1, 1982.  Their last top 40 hit.  And a part of a very special-to-the-memory trip to the lake.

And that's another round of our countdown.  By this time next week, we'll be hovering over the top 40.  See you then!

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  1. CWM:
    My God...I can't believe we listened to ALL these songs and that were ALL from the 80s...!
    (I have gotta get some of those complilation CDs from K-Tel..LOL)

    This is a really cool learning curve...from a time long ago and almost forgotten.

    Great lists!

    Stay safe up there.