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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Great Eighties countdown week 13

We have made it to the top 60 this week.  The obscure are thinning out, the bigger hits appearing, but you know me- surprises are still in store.

60- Twilight Zone, Golden Earring, #10, 1982.  Golden Earring only hit big here twice, but they were both "cool" songs- the ones everyone looked foreward to hearing.

59- Head Over Heels, Tears For Fears, #3, 1985.  Perhaps the best band of the era, with lyrics that cut to the heart of the matter.

58- Hurt So Bad, Linda Ronstadt, #8, 1980.  Danny Kortchmar's guitar solo raises the hair on the back of my neck.

57- Really Wanna Know You, Gary Wright, #16, 1981.  Almost liked this better than Dream Weaver.  Almost.

56- Midnight Rocks, Al Stewart, #24, 1980.  If American tastes were a bit more sophisticated, Al would be a hall of famer.

55- True, Spandau Ballet, #4 1983.  In that long ago time that I matched the top 4 song for song, this was #4. A song that grew on me.

54- Train In Vain, The Clash, #23, 1980.  Their first American hit, and a reminder to me of another fun trip to Snow Lake.

53- Here Comes My Girl, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, #59, 1980.  Once again, It played a lot before it was ever released.  Definately on my TP short list.

52- Back On The Chain Gang, The Pretenders, #5, 1982. Hard not to get involved in such an autobiographical song.

51- No Reply At All, Genesis, #29, 1981.  The first collaberation between the band and Earth Wind And Fire, with their horn section blowing and their arrainger arranging.

50- Tears Are Falling, Kiss, #20 Mainstream Rock, #51 pop, 1985.  The first Kiss song I really fell in love with.  Like Lays potato chips, never play it just once- or softly.

49- Congratulations, Travelling Wilburys, unreleased, 1988.  Beyond a doubt my favorite Dylan song of all time.

48- Gypsy, Fleetwood Mac, #12, #4 MSR, 1982. I think the best post-Rumours FM song.

47- Take On Me, A-ha, #1, 1985.  On the short list of best videos ever.

46- Ghost Riders (In The Sky), Outlaws, #31, 1980.  Love this song no matter who does it, but this is my best.

45- Learning To Fly, Pink Floyd, #70, #1 MSR, 1987.  Can't keep my eyes off the circling sky...

44- Gemini Dream, Moody Blues, #12, 1981.  It was a different sound in Moodys act II, but just as good.

43- Urgent, Foreigner, #4, #1 MSR, 1981.  After the Head Games lp was such a disappointment, it was good to hear the opening salvo from 4.

42- Lawyers In Love, Jackson Browne, #13, #4 MSR, 1983.  Gotta love the Del Shannon-esque chorus.  Eating from tv trays, tuned in to Happy Days...

41- All Out Of Love, Air, Supply, #2, 1980.  They only topped this one once.

Man, that was a good list!  Next time, the top 40 begins...


  1. CWM:
    WONDERFUL klist this week...and plenty to like there.
    --Golden Earring - Best thing to come from Holland since Dutch Boy paints...LOL
    --Pink Floyd...what can you say that hasbn;t already BEEN said...fantastic pick!
    --All Out Of Love - Air Supply...(been there, done that a few times when I was younger and naive)
    --Back on the Chain Gang...We used to sing this EVERY monday at work in NJ...LOL.

    Great list!
    Keep those hits coming up there!

    1. I was never too much of a Floyd fan back then, but just like with Zep, they've become more apreciated as the years go by. This one draws me in with "Just an earth-bound misfit, I."