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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday, Tuesday…

I just read on a friend’s blog her “Official I have nothing to write about post.”  As you might have guessed, I’ve been in somewhat the same position.  In the days since the beer tasting party over on the cap blog (which set a new record for comments on that blog, thanke yewww…),, hmmm…  I’ve recovered from said party; watched my Reds sweep the Brewers and my A’s sweep the Yankees at home (the last time they swept the yanks at home, home was Philadelphia, Babe Ruth had just turned 18, and the Athletics were in the waning days of the legendary $100,000 infield, which these days would get you a second baseman just up from double-A); watched Elliot Sadler snatch victory from the jaws of Ricky Stenhouse; Watched Laurie cap off a day of helping a friend deliver phone books by kicking off the semi-annual kidney stone passing; Finished a bout of verbal jousting with one atheist only to kick off another round with another one (which is a lot like spanking a child who cries, “You didn’t hurt me!” through their tears, since they can overturn any argument by saying, “But God doesn’t exist, and you can’t make Him!”); and took several short walks with Scrappy which netted us a grand total of ONE picture…

What do the animals do for music in the forest?  Spider-CDs!

Yesterday, we did have the brief highlight of someone finally visiting the new bird feeder…

Munch, munch, err, "tweet..."
Hey, waddaya lookin' at?

…and while I could add to the recent noise about Penn State, let me just put it this way- JUSTICE WAS SERVED.  The school should have thought about the “poor players being punished for something they didn’t do” while they were standing there saying, “Pay no attention to the pervo behind the curtain.”

Which brings me to today.  Laurie is finally getting some sleep; Scrappy is still miffed at me for preventing his repeated chewing of his right rear by putting vicks vapo-rub on it; Our attempt at a walk was aborted by lightning, the second flash of which finally convinced Scrappy to move his sniffy butt, and all we got out of it was me falling on my face crossing the canal.  In a few minutes, I have to call some place I applied online to (hey, aren’t they supposed to call ME? Just sayin’).  Yesterday I applied at Toys’R Us, but got an immediate “no thank you”.  Not sure why; but as one of the questions had a “if you are under 40 years old, answer this” question with a required (even though I’m over 40) drop-down entry that did NOT include the year I was born, I have my suspicions…


…I guess that’s all for this morning.

Oh, wait, wait, I forgot something!  How about this story out of Ohio...

From the Evening Leader:
The second crash took place at 12:50 a.m. Sunday. A deputy was dispatched to the area of State Route 49 between Oregon Road and Koch Road for horses on the roadway. When the deputy arrived, he saw two horses on the east side of the road and multiple horses on the west, all loose. The deputy stopped at 9227 State Route 49, the Joe V. Schwartz residence, the owner of the horses, to alert them that the horses were loose.
While alerting the owner, the horses from the east side of the roadway moved onto the roadway. A northbound 2002 Mercedes Benz ML3, driven by Noland R. Kirk, 63, Fort Wayne, Indiana, struck the horses. After striking the horses, the vehicle rolled onto its top sliding into the cornfield on the east side of State Route 49. As the vehicle continued to roll, Kirk was ejected and pronounced dead at the scene. Kirk was not wearing a seat belt.
Two minutes later, a 2003 Buick driven by Angela K. Jenkins, 38, Decatur, Ind., was northbound on State Route 49 and struck the two horses laying in the roadway. Jenkins had two passengers, Kathleen Dolan, 38, Monroe, Ind., and Emma Boomershime, 9, in the vehicle. Dolan was transported to Mercer Health.

Hello, you couldn't have called in backup before leaving the scene?  Put out some flares?  Just gave the animals credit for "horse sense" and left them go on their own recognizance, eh?  I'm sure the Kirk family appreciates your due dilligence.

Okay, now I'm done.


  1. Love the spider cd. Ouch on the Toys R Us as that may be my dilemma when we close our doors. So sad about the people and horses, more so as it could have been prevented.

  2. Indiana though? There population can't be that high. Why are all these people flying down this road fast enough to be ejected from the car as it rolls over how many times. Holy Moly!

    1. Actually it happened in Ohio, but the point remains- and maybe explains the deputy's lazyness.

  3. I love spider webs in the forest.

    1. Yeah, until you walk into one... ;)

    2. I like spiders, but every time we go to the country house I walk through 5 or 6 of those suckers and you can hear me scream all the way across the lake. I am SUCH a girl when it comes to those ooogie spider webs. yick.

      Great post CW - you encapsulated quite a bit - I like! :)

  4. That squirrel is pretty cute even if he is naughty to be in the bird feeder

  5. I hate spider webs well that should read I hate walking into a spider web.......but who does like to walk into a spider web I will tell you who some weird person that's who.......