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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fantasy football tuesday

Before I get going, I just want to say:  Both this post and the last oneare about frivolous subjects.  Many people have given stirring tributes about 9/11 and I apreciate them all.  Words and pictures have been used that I really can't match.  Thank you.  In addition, some have complained that, "The newspaper didn't have any tributes until page 3" or "Obama twittered about raising contributions before he twittered about 9/11".  To them, I say, "So what.  Don't belittle the meaning of the day with senseless BS."  And with that, it's time for the football report. 

The KCAs vault into the catbird seat after a 57-25 pasting of the Greenwoods.  Ray Rice and Julio Jones each got 12 points, and RGIII netted 9.

The Rangers, down after Sunday, rallied behind Sebastian Janikowski and the Baltimore D (thank you, Ed Reed) to top the Beagles 55-39.  Comeback boy Adrian Peterson collected two TDs out of the 4 scored.

A wild one that was 3 points difference after Sunday was won by Nate Kaeding's 16 as the Angels beat the Aguas 58-51.The Angels put up a 10 from the Jets D and nine-spots from Drew Brees and Denarius Thomas, while the Aguas got a combined 27 from Matt Ryan and Arian Foster.

The B2s picked up 2 Michael Bush scores to beat the Clock BBQs 36-21.  Most of the CBBQs points came on the long TD catch by Pierre Garcon.

Miles Austin, Andre Johnson, and BenJarvis Green-Ellis all scored to give the Elks a 34-22 win over Buzz.

And finally, Peyton Manning's 11 points rallied the Porkchops to a 40-35 win over the Ducks.  Rookie Alfred Morris scored twice in the losing effort.

RP is my own formula rating system- 10 points for a win, -10 for a loss, +5 for an OT loss, add points scored, subtract losing margin or add winning margin, add or subtract the points given up +or - the league average, and round up so that the bottom guy is at 0 instead of negative.

Next week is another in-the-division week, with Beagles/Greenwoods, KCAs/Aguas, Angels/Rangers, CBBQs/Elks, Buzz/Porkchops, and Ducks/B2s.  Using the rating system (which never works, but is fun none the less), you'd have the Beagles a 3-point favorite, the KCAs by 9, the Rangers by 2, Elks by 7, Porkchops by 5, and B2s by 6.

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  1. People sure know how to ruin most everything dont they. Like it matters what his first tweet way for the day anyway. Or anyone for that matter! Oh well, we can't fix the world. Unfortunately. Maybe that ecard rings true that we should remove all the warning labels and just let the problem take care of its self!